How to Know When it’s Time to Say ‘I Love You’ to Your Russian Lady

Russian lady

If you’re in a relationship then you know when things are going well, but when is the right time to tell your Russian lady truly how you feel? For women the world over, the first time they hear those special words from their man is a big deal. It’s what they long to hear from…

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Five Differences between American and Russian Wives

Russian wives

It’s always fascinating when people from different backgrounds are compared, but what about when we think about the differences between American and Russian wives? Firstly, it’s important to say that finding the right lady for you is always the top priority, wherever she is from. However, if you find Russian women attractive and are perhaps…

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Five popular dishes to impress your Russian woman

Dating a lady from a different part of the world is very exciting and can really broaden your horizons. If you’re dating a Russian woman, then why not try and impress her by making a classic Russian meal? Your Russian woman may have moved to your home country and be used to a different style…

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How to make a proper first impression when dating online?

They say that first impressions are everything, and while that may not strictly be true when dating online that first impression is so important. A first impression can come from a variety of places when dating online. It could be from your dating profile, it could be in video chat or it may be from…

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Best gifts for your Russian girlfriend on Christmas Eve

Christmas is nearly upon us meaning it’s time to begin thinking about how you will spend the festive period and how you’ll celebrate it with your Russian girlfriend in the best way. One way in which you could help make it a Christmas to remember would be to buy a memorable gift for your Russian…

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Five ways to arrange a date with your Russian girlfriend at home

If you’re looking to push the boat out and really impress your Russian girlfriend, then setting up a date at home is a great way of sweeping her off her feet. Having your Russian girlfriend visit you is hugely exciting. It allows you to spend quality time with each other and truly get to know…

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Top tips for overcoming the time difference between you and your Russian girlfriend

Long-distance relationships can be tough, but things can seem even harder when there is a significant time difference between you and your Russian girlfriend. Depending on whereabouts in the world you are, you could be anywhere from two hours to 12+ hours ahead or behind your Russian girlfriend. This can present unique problems when it…

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Five great ways to congratulate your Russian woman at Christmas

Christmas is a special time for millions of people around the world, and there is no doubt that your Russian woman will be looking forward to celebrating it too. In Russia and Slavic countries, Christmas is celebrated not on December 25th like in the Western world, but on January 7th. So as Christmas draws ever-closer,…

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Compliments that you shouldn’t give your Russian woman

Compliments that you shouldn’t give your Russian lady

A Russian woman loves to hear compliments, as do most women around the world. However, there are some compliments that you should avoid giving to her. As with every relationship, it’s important to get to know the person you are complimenting as well as possible.  The better that you know your Russian single, the more…

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What you can learn about your Russian single from her mobile phone usage?

What you can learn about your Russian online date crush from her mobile phone usage?

Over the past two decades, mobile phone usage has boomed across the world, with smartphones now commonplace in just about every corner of the globe. How people use their mobile phones can tell us a lot about them, including your Russian single. In Russia, just like in most other developed countries in the world, people…

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