How to Make Victory Day Memorable for You and Your Ukrainian Lady

If you’re currently dating a Ukrainian lady, then you should be well aware of the upcoming celebration of Victory Day. Moreover, you should be thinking about how to make it memorable for her.  Victory Day is a big event in Ukraine and holds a special place in the hearts of the population. Your Ukrainian lady…

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Jokes that Make your Ukrainian Lady Laugh and Jokes that may Offend her

Ukrainian lady

When you meet the Ukrainian lady of your dreams, you will want to do all you can to make things go smoothly. Making her laugh is a great start. Most women love a man who can make them laugh and lift their mood. One method you may wish to explore for making your Ukrainian lady…

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Five famous theatres that you can go to with your Ukrainian wife

Ukrainian wife

Ukraine is a country littered with beautiful theatres which are steeped in history and tradition. Treating your Ukrainian wife to a night at one of these iconic venues is sure to be a special event. So, if the theatre scene is new to you, it’s well worth knowing which of Ukraine’s theatres are most impressive…

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The wedding Ukrainian girls dream about

Ukrainian girls

Ukrainian girls dream about having the perfect wedding which follows the cultures and traditions that they have grown up to know and believe in. Therefore, if you’re dating Ukrainian girls or perhaps have already found that somebody special, it’s worth familiarising yourself with what a wedding would look like in Ukraine. Taking the time to…

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Five reasons why Ukrainian girls dream of marrying a foreigner

Many men around the world adore Ukrainian girls thanks to their beautiful good looks and insatiable charm, but what you may not know is that the girls dream of marrying foreign guys. For years men have lusted over Ukrainian girls. Elegant and intelligent, it was merely a dream for many men who would simply never…

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Why Is It Important to Celebrate Orthodox Christmas with Your Russian Lady?

Russian Lady

In the past years, online dating has made international romance easy. If you’re now dating a Russian lady, perhaps the Christmas season is when most cultural differences start to kick in. That’s because Christmas is celebrated on December 25 in most Christian countries, but not in Eastern Europe. As a traditionally Orthodox country, Russia still…

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5 Signs That You and Your Ukrainian Lady Are Perfect for Each Other

Dating someone culturally diverse, such as a Ukrainian lady, often comes with challenges. People from different countries have different ways of showing affection or demonstrate their love. Nonetheless, experts say that love is a universal language. When two people are perfect for one another, you can just tell it. How? Have a look at the…

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What Ukrainian women find irresistible in a man?

If you’re looking to meet the love of your life then, then Ukrainian women are probably interesting for you. Not only are Ukrainian women known the world over for their strikingly good looks, but their loyalty, charisma, and strength are also enduring characteristics that make men go weak at the knees. So, if you’re looking…

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Cooking Ukrainian cuisine to spoil your Ukrainian single

There are few things more relaxing or romantic in life than sitting down with your Ukrainian single for a nice meal. Getting the food right is absolutely vital. Ukrainian cuisine is significantly shaped by the history and tradition of the nation. Much of the food is influenced by the land as well, so take time…

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Phrases to impress your woman while dating online

Dating online requires you to be able to woo a woman with words to begin with and this is not the most natural skill for many men. It can be difficult to avoid cliches, corny chat-up lines and over-the-top attempts to impress with elevated vocabulary. When dating online, you’ll need to be able to grasp…

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