Five famous theatres that you can go to with your Ukrainian wife

Ukrainian wife

Ukraine is a country littered with beautiful theatres which are steeped in history and tradition. Treating your Ukrainian wife to a night at one of these iconic venues is sure to be a special event. So, if the theatre scene is new to you, it’s well worth knowing which of Ukraine’s theatres are most impressive…

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The wedding Ukrainian girls dream about

Ukrainian girls

Ukrainian girls dream about having the perfect wedding which follows the cultures and traditions that they have grown up to know and believe in. Therefore, if you’re dating Ukrainian girls or perhaps have already found that somebody special, it’s worth familiarising yourself with what a wedding would look like in Ukraine. Taking the time to…

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5 Signs That You and Your Ukrainian Lady Are Perfect for Each Other

Dating someone culturally diverse, such as a Ukrainian lady, often comes with challenges. People from different countries have different ways of showing affection or demonstrate their love. Nonetheless, experts say that love is a universal language. When two people are perfect for one another, you can just tell it. How? Have a look at the…

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Easter traditions to impress your Ukranian woman

Easter is an important religious celebration that is observed throughout the world, with many countries sharing similar traditions and others having very unique practices. Whether you consider yourselves to be religious or not, Easter is a time that encourages families to come together to celebrate faith and/or closeness, rebirth, and opportunities. For many Ukrainian women,…

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Best gifts for your Russian girlfriend on Christmas Eve

Christmas is nearly upon us meaning it’s time to begin thinking about how you will spend the festive period and how you’ll celebrate it with your Russian girlfriend in the best way. One way in which you could help make it a Christmas to remember would be to buy a memorable gift for your Russian…

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Ukrainian singles from Kharkov tell us the top facts about their home town

The city of Kharkov has long been known as one of the most fascinating and alluring in Ukraine, so who better to tell us more than Ukrainian singles from Kharkov? Located in the northwest of Ukraine, Kharkov is a city packed with culture and history. Ukrainian singles in the city have no end of places…

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Top tips for enjoying your first holiday with your Russian girlfriend

If you’ve reached a point in your relationship at which you’re ready to take your first trip or holiday with your Russian girlfriend, you need to make sure it goes perfectly. Traveling with your woman is a hugely exciting time and can be an experience that will bring you both closer together. Just deciding where…

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Ukrainian Dating: The pros and cons

If you have always dreamt of meeting a beautiful woman from Ukraine, or perhaps you just want to try something different, the prospect of Ukrainian dating will be a fascinating one for you. The internet has given us many great things and presented opportunities that never previously existed. One such thing is international dating, and…

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How to make conversation with your online girlfriend more interesting?

How to make conversation with your online date more interesting?

Speaking with your online girlfriend can sometimes be a little bit tricky, with a language barrier and other circumstances often standing in the way of that truly engaging conversation.  So, how can you make things more interesting? If you’re finding the conversation a little bit tricky, to begin with when speaking with your single it’s…

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Orthodox Easter: customs and traditions of Russian Singles

Orthodox Easter: customs and traditions of Russian women

Many Orthodox churches celebrate Easter based on the Julian calendar, rather than the Gregorian calendar that is predominantly used in western countries. This means that the Orthodox Easter often falls after the Easter celebrations of the Gregorian calendar. However, in 2017, Orthodox Easter will be celebrated on Sunday 16th April and this event is likely…

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