Ten small things that can make a big difference with your Russian single

When you’re looking to catch the eye of a Russian single, or perhaps you have her attention and want to make a relationship work, then there are lots of small things that can go a long way.

It doesn’t always have to be the grand gestures in life that make the biggest differences, and with a Russian single, some of the tiny things you do may actually make the biggest impact when it comes to growing a relationship.

So, here are 10 small things you can start doing today to help grow the love between you and your Russian single.

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1. Look her in the eye

Go on, next time you speak to her make sure you truly look her in the eye. Your Russian girlfriend will know she has your full attention and she will love that you’re so transfixed on her.

2. Be decisive with your Russian Single

This one may be a little less obvious, but men who make decisions are strong, so don’t be indecisive. Even if it’s as simple as choosing to take her out for dinner and deciding where to take her, she will love your strength in making a decision.

3. Be your Russian Single’s gentleman

Your Russian single is unlikely to be insulted by you being a good old-fashioned gentleman. Take her coat, hold the door open, pull her chair out when she goes to sit for dinner. Small things that can really make her feel special.

4. Look good

Combing your hair, brushing your teeth and having a shave are everyday activities, but making sure you do them can really make a difference. Also, don’t wear dirty or creased clothes!

5. Ask your Russian single to dance

Seriously, do it. Even if you’re alone at home in your apartment. The romance will go off the scale.

6. Ignore your phone for a bit

Go on, ignore your mobile and give her your full attention. There is nothing more annoying for any woman than a man who is constantly checking his phone.

Russian single

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7. Pay her compliments

It’s not hard to be complimentary, especially when you’re talking to a beautiful Russian single. Let her know what you think of her and how she looks.

8. Listen to your Russian Single

It sounds so simple, but if you ask her questions, make sure you listen to the answer. It can lead to a stronger conversation, but above all else, you’ll appear interested in her and what she has to say.

9. Ask her what she thinks

It could be advice about something or her opinion on a TV show, whatever it is, ask and value what she says.

10. Smile, be happy

When you smile, the world smiles with you. If she sees that you’re happy to be around her, she will likely be happier too. It’s simple.