7 Tips on How to Overcome Shyness on your First Date with a Slavic Lady

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Your first date with a Slavic lady is likely to be an exciting time and one that you are looking forward to, but we know that sometimes nerves can get in the way too! It is important to recognise that nerves are normal and that your Slavic lady is likely to feel the same as you – but here are some tips to help you overcome shyness and really enjoy your first date!

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Pick Somewhere with Plenty To Do

Consider where your first date might be and choose somewhere that is going to give you plenty to talk about. For example, a walk around an art gallery or museum means that there will always be something to look at and talk about – this helps to avoid any awkward silences and can help you both to feel at ease.

Plan Some Topics To Talk About

We’re not saying plan out your whole conversation in advance but thinking of some topics to talk about in advance can help. Think about the things that you would like to know about her or you would like to share about yourself. Having these in your mind can help you reignite the conversation if things start to go a bit quiet.

Be Honest With Her

There is nothing wrong with being shy and nervous, so be honest with your Slavic lady about how you are feeling. The chances are that she will be feeling a little nervous to and by letting her know how you feel you’ll be helping to put her more at ease when you meet up.

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Get Organised in Advance

Rather than rushing round the before the date, get organised in advance. If you know the route you are taking to where you are meeting, what time you are leaving and even what you are going to where then there is less for you to get flustered about when you start getting ready for your date!

Wear Something You’re Comfortable In

When considering what to wear, make sure you choose something that you feel comfortable in. Of course, it is important to create a great first impressing for your Slavic lady however you also want to be comfortable and not pulling and poking at your outfit all evening.

Relish The Nervous Energy

Recognise that you feel nervous and that it is normal to feel so and help this motivate you into having a great first date. After all, if your first date with your Slavic lady goes well then the chances are you will get to go on another date and meeting up for the 2nd time is much less nerve-wracking!

Enjoy Yourself

Remember, you are worthy of love and deserve to have a great time. So get dressed up, get yourself to the agreed meeting place and concentrate on having a great time with your Slavic lady!