Top Movie to Watch with Your Ukrainian Match

Watching a movie is a great way of spending time with your Ukrainian match. However, not all movies are created the same. We watch movies for entertainment but this does not mean that we watch movies just for laughs. Some great movies can spark conversation and improve the relationship we have with each other. The most important thing is finding meaningful films for both of you. In this article, we are going to look at the Top movies to watch with your Ukrainian match.

Top Movie to Watch with Your Ukrainian Match

Let’s have a movie night!

The Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors (1964)

This movie is in the Ukrainian language and is based on how Romeo could have survived after Juliet died. The hero depressed for a long time figures out later that he should look for a way of living. He tries to get over his grief by working hard, finding a Ukrainian match and marrying her.

It is full of Ukrainian traditions such as burial ceremonies, magic rituals, and Christian celebrations. You will get acquainted with the Carpathian nature, folk songs, and the Hutsul dialect of the Ukrainian language.

Oh, Don’t Go, to the Vechornysti-party (1978)

This movie is based on a love polyhedron. Relationships are broken due to the dishonesty of men in love with the main character. It happens at “Vechornysti” which is some kind of autumn fun for the youth. Three women and men communicated, danced, sang, and got their Ukrainian match.

Top Movie to Watch with Your Ukrainian Match

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Such Beautiful People (2013)

This is a modern Ukrainian movie based on people who look for happiness daily in their lives by finding a Ukrainian match. The heroes of the movie believe love is genuine happiness. The unknown writer and the single woman fisher find their happy place at the sea shore. The love story begins when the writer jumps into the water and the woman fisher hosts him up to dry his clothes; hence finding his Ukrainian match.

Julia Blue (2018)

This movie features a photojournalism student in the era of post-revolutionary Ukraine. Her life gets disrupted after falling in love with Ukrainian match (a soldier) just from war and having PTSD. It captures a romantic love story in a specific place and time a year after the 2014 revolution in Kyiv. The movie is subtle, artistic, and performance-driven. One can see this movie through the eyes of a young woman who must choose the right direction for her future.

Choosing the right movie to watch with your Ukrainian match can be hard. However, this article has summarized some of the best movies you can never go wrong. Enjoy watching the movie and learn the Ukrainian language with your Ukrainian match.