7 Types of Men who a Scare Slavic Mate Away

Although you shouldn’t change your whole personality to impress someone else, there are certainly characteristics that you can display that impress (or the complete opposite) a potential date. If you’re looking to attract a Slavic mate, then it is worth considering the types of men that they often avoid.

 7 Types of Men who Scare a Slavic Mate Away

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Men That Are Too Weak

Slavic women tend to have strong personalities and they’ll expect this from anyone that they date too. Impressing Slavic mates isn’t about being physically strong, but instead about being able to stand up for yourself (and them) and show that you are strong willed rather than being a pushover.

Being Dishonest

Honesty goes a long way in pretty much any relationship and impressing Slavic mates is really no exception. You should always be honest about your intentions, your past and what you want from a relationship because if you get caught up in any lies then your Slavic love interest will be far from impressed.

Not Showing an Interest in Family

Slavic women generally have a strong connection to their family and a need to start their own. So if a man doesn’t have an interest in family then she doesn’t have an interest in him. If you want to impress Slavic mates, then showing an interest in their family and a willing to be close to them and help them out will go a long way.

Lack of Communication

Communication is the key to most relationships. Dating some a Slavic woman is really no exception, especially if you’re getting to know one another long distance. If you are chatting over messages or texts then be consistent in your communication. Be chatty and interested in what they have to say and never promise a reply when you are going to be unable to fulfil that promise.

 7 Types of Men who Scare a Slavic Mate Away

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Being Too Needy

Slavic women are strong and independent, so they’ll want this from you too! It is about a good mix of communication and closeness, without stifling her too much and being too needy. You want to show her that you are independent too, rather than needing her all of the time. So that you both have the freedom to go out and do the times you enjoy, whilst still being a reliable date.

Unable To Let Their Hair Down

As much as Slavic women have strong work ethics and personalities they also really like to have fun. Impressing Slavic mates is all about showing that you are able to let your hair down and have fun with them. After all, pretty much every successful relationship is about having a laugh together and enjoying each other’s company.


Being unreliable is a complete turn off for any Slavic mates so most definitely something that you want to avoid. Instead, turn up when you say you are going to, even if that is virtually. Be consistent in your communication with them and show that you are someone that can be relied up and trusted.

Slavic mates generally want to date someone that they can trust and rely on, so showing that you are that person will go a great way to paving the way for a strong relationship.