Ukrainian singles from Kharkov tell us the top facts about their home town

The city of Kharkov has long been known as one of the most fascinating and alluring in Ukraine, so who better to tell us more than Ukrainian singles from Kharkov?

Located in the northwest of Ukraine, Kharkov is a city packed with culture and history. Ukrainian singles in the city have no end of places to go for both romance and excitement, meaning there is always something fun to do.

To get the inside line on just what the highlights are in the city of Kharkov, we asked some Ukrainian singles to give us their favorite facts and locations in their city.

Ukrainian Singles

Would you stroll with me along the city streets?

Botanic Gardens and Zoo are a MUST

By Viktoria, 22 y.o.

If you visit Kharkov, then coming to see our zoo and botanical gardens has to be high on your list. It’s the perfect mixture of Ukrainian history and a collection of fascinating animals from around the world. A visit to Kharkov would not be complete without visiting Botanic Gardens and the Zoo!

Kharkov is a hotbed for education!

By Veronica, 26 y.o.

I’ve just finished university and so I have to say that one of my favorite facts about Kharkov is just how vibrant it is from an education perspective. There are 13 universities here which have a combined total of something like 150,000 students. This gives the city such a lively feel. For Ukrainian singles like myself, it’s also great to have so many international students here. Socially, nights out are of great fun with such a diverse mix of people.

Ukrainian Singles

I’d love you to come to Kharkov!

If you love history, you will love Kharkov

By Vladislava, 21 y.o.

Kharkov is full of history and there are so many ways to live it and learn about it. As a Ukrainian single, I love to take dates to museums or walk through the parks and enjoy the fascinating architecture of the place. It’s a fantastic city, very interesting and you’ll find a lot of great places to spend time with your friends.

If you like food, you will love Kharkov

By Natalia, 29 y.o.

Kharkov is a city full of local produce and local suppliers. From bakeries to chocolatiers, there is lots of great local food and drink to try while you’re here. My favorite is probably Ponko Sweets – they make some great cocktail confectionary that has alcohol in. They also make great gifts for Ukrainian singles just like myself.