Why not speak a little Russian to delight your Russian lady?

Russian lady

Dating a beautiful Russian lady is a real pleasure, but how do you go about keeping things fresh and making her aware how much you value her?

A Russian lady is likely to give you so much in a relationship. Aside from her amazing looks, she is also likely to be a strong, loyal, caring and deeply passionate woman, someone with whom you will love sharing your life with.

Russian lady

Would you like to practice your Russian skills?

It’s also likely that your relationship will be communicated in English, despite the fact her native tongue is Russian. So, why not take her by surprise and impress her by springing some Russian language on her?

Taking the time to learn some of her language will really thrill your Russian lady, remind her of home, but more importantly demonstrate the commitment you have to her and to your relationship together. She will love the fact that you have made the effort to research the lines and then learn how to say them.

You will notice that when you begin to look at Russian phrases, the Russian language uses a slightly different character set to traditional English. Therefore, look out for and pay attention to the phonetic instruction of how to pronounce the words and phrases. This makes it much easier and quicker to learn how to deliver the words you want to, rather than trying to understand an entirely new language from the off.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to go and learn the language fluently. Just a few short phrases can really make an impression. 

Here are some suggestions of phrases that are likely to go down really well with your Russian lady. 

  1. “You are beautiful” – “Ты красивая”
    Pronounced: Ty krasivaja
    Tell her just how beautiful she is with this simple phrase.

  2. “You have beautiful eyes” – “У тебя красивые глаза”
    Pronounced: U tebya krasivye glaza
    If you want to be a little more specific with your compliment, then this will tell her how amazing her eyes are.

  3. “You have a beautiful smile” – “У тебя красивая улыбка”
    Pronounced: U tebya krasivaja ulybka
    If your Russian lady has a beautiful smile, then this is how you can tell her.

  4. “I adore you” – “Я обожаю тебя”
    Pronounced: Ya obozhaju tebya
    If you adore her, then this is how you can tell her in Russian

  5. “I love you” – “Я тебя люблю”
    Pronunced: Ya tebya lyublyu
    And finally, those three little words that any woman loves to hear.
    Russian lady

    Enjoy speaking your lady’s language to her!