Phrases to impress your woman while dating online

Dating online requires you to be able to woo a woman with words to begin with and this is not the most natural skill for many men. It can be difficult to avoid cliches, corny chat-up lines and over-the-top attempts to impress with elevated vocabulary. When dating online, you’ll need to be able to grasp the art of being open, honest, interesting and attentive through little more than typed messages to begin with. To do this, the best tip is to be natural as you’ll likely come across as false or ‘too cool’ if you try to force things. Thereafter, there are a few phrases to use to impress singles when dating online.

dating online
You are really good at flirting!

Making first steps

Look at other profiles, both men and women, to get an idea of what language and phrases they are using. This is particularly helpful if you have been out of the dating scene for some time. You’ll get an idea of what types of phrases other daters are using to secure interest when dating online. You may even find that your online dating site has some tips of short sentences or phrases to use so make the most of their advice.

Try to focus on phrases that initiate conversations and avoid excessive reviews of how your woman looks when you are dating online. There is every chance that the woman that you are talking to has received several messages saying she’s sexy and so you need to stand out. Set yourself apart from the crowds of aesthetics driven men and highlight other things about her that attract you. Dating online is all about building relationships slowly whilst setting yourself apart from the competition.

Dating online: best phrases

Try using some phrases that are honest and not too excessively attentive. Aim for lines such as:

  • You really stand out to me, you have a gorgeous smile.
  • I read your profile – tell me more about (add something that she has mentioned in her description of herself. Maybe travels/family pets…)
  • I’ve not had much luck dating before and so I’m hoping dating online helps build my confidence.
  • People I know have tried dating online and said they’ve made some great friends – some even got partners this way.
  • It’s great to see that so many singles are happy to look further afield and try dating online. It means we can all get to know each other without location worries.
  • I hope you don’t mind me saying, your photos are stunning. You’re very beautiful.
dating online
Let’s hang out a bit!

Phrases to avoid and forget

Just as much as you can cement success in an online dating relationship with what you say, you can instantly destroy any interest by using outdated, rude, disrespectful or callous remarks. Phrases not to use when dating online include:

  • Are you no good at meeting men normally?
  • Seriously though, what’s wrong with you? Why are you single?
  • I’m not really that interested in meeting someone, just thought I’d take a look.
  • Most women are hard work or just after your money.
  • I’m looking for a good time.
  • Are you up for sending nudes?

These phrases will never make you stand out in a positive way when dating online! You need to maintain respect for your woman at all times during dating online, even though there are geographical voids. Some men see the long distance between themselves and love interest online as an opportunity to be far too alpha and even vulgar. Don’t let that be you!