Things You Should Not Joke About in Online Dating

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When you’re new to the world of online dating it can feel very intimidating, particularly when you first find someone that you think could be a good match for you. Knowing how to make the right impression can be difficult and if you’re nervous then the temptation is there to crack a joke to lighten the mood and hope that she appreciates it. However, there are some jokes that you should absolutely never make when you’re online dating.

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Jokes About Women’s Roles

It should go without saying, but making a joke about stereotypical roles for women should always be a no go when you first venture into online dating. Once you’re comfortable around someone and you know their sense of humour it may be okay, but if you go into the conversation making jokes about that then the conversation is likely to be cut short very quickly. Instead, try joking about yourself or your work to lighten the mood. It takes the pressure off of her and lets her know what she can have a laugh with you.

Sexual Jokes

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One sure fire way to make women feel uncomfortable when online dating is to make sexual jokes, or even just jokes about their appearance. It doesn’t matter if you mean them in a positive way – she’s bound to feel uncomfortable or even offended. It’s not your fault, but there are so many men that don’t know how to speak to a woman that she’s probably already got her guard up from the first message. Make jokes about something unrelated and avoid mentioning any physical properties so she knows she can relax a little.

Jokes About Exes

Ex-partners are always going to be a touchy subject, from both sides, both in person and in online dating. This is one of those jokes where you can’t win either way. If you joke about her exes (even saying they must have been mad to break up with her) it can feel make her feel like she’s an object and had no control over her own life. If you joke about your exes and say that they’re crazy, it can make you look arrogant or that you’re the one who caused the break up.

Online dating is an absolute minefield, but knowing what you can and can’t joke about will go a long way to making a woman feel more comfortable around you. Just try to be thoughtful, make her feel comfortable and go from there. A shared sense of humour is a great thing but always make sure you test the water with what type of jokes she likes before you go diving in with all of your best ones, because you don’t want to put her off before you even get started.