Compliments that you shouldn’t give your Russian woman

Compliments that you shouldn’t give your Russian lady

A Russian woman loves to hear compliments, as do most women around the world. However, there are some compliments that you should avoid giving to her.

As with every relationship, it’s important to get to know the person you are complimenting as well as possible.  The better that you know your Russian single, the more likely it is that you will say something she will genuinely like and find complimentary.

However, if you want to woo a Russian woman by paying her some nice compliments early on in a relationship, then as important as knowing what to say, it’s vital that you know what NOT to say.

When it comes to giving your Russian girlfriend compliments, here are a few things to avoid:

Don’t talk about the body of Russian woman too much

If you’re still very early on in a relationship, it goes without saying that you should avoid making comments about the body of your Russian single or pay them seldom. By all means, compliment her clothing, her hair and perhaps even how her outfit really brings out the color in her eyes. However, try to steer away from commenting about her other physical attributes, it will likely be creepy at best, and insulting at worst.

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Do you think I’m pretty?

Don’t copy out of a movie!

One big turn-off for a Russian woman will be to hear generic compliments that she can tell have not come from you. For example, straight out of a movie or a book. They will not be genuine compliments and she will not enjoy hearing them. Make them your own, specific a and use your own language (i.e. words that you usually use).

Don’t tell Russian woman compliments that contain swear words

Occasionally in the western world, a man may try and express how beautiful a woman is, for example, by using a swear word to emphasize his compliment. Avoid doing this to your Russian single. In Russia, swear words are incredibly insulting and so you should not use them to help form any sort of compliment that you’re paying to your Russian girlfriend.

Never use a compliment that compares or mentions other women

In some parts of the world, some women may enjoy being told that they’re better looking than another girl, or worse still, a direct comparison to a former partner of yours.  However, never be tempted to give your Russian woman a compliment that involves or mention another woman. It can make them insecure or just angry, it’s generally insulting to many.