Five great ways to congratulate your Russian woman at Christmas

Christmas is a special time for millions of people around the world, and there is no doubt that your Russian woman will be looking forward to celebrating it too. In Russia and Slavic countries, Christmas is celebrated not on December 25th like in the Western world, but on January 7th.

So as Christmas draws ever-closer, how can you best show your feelings toward your Russian woman by sending her Christmas wishes and celebrating the festive period?

Russian woman

Gorgeous singles wish you happy holidays!

Send a gift to your Russian woman

One of the most recognized Christmas customs around the world is the exchanging of gifts between friends and loved ones. You can help your Russian woman feel festive and celebrate Christmas by doing exactly the same, sending her a Christmas gift.

The gift does not have to be expensive, it’s more the thought that counts. If you know any of her hobbies or interests, see if there is something connected to those things that you could get for her. It may not have to be a gift as such either, in fact just sending her a Christmas card with some heartfelt messages inside written by you can go a long way to helping her enjoy Christmas.

Attend religious services together, or talk about them

Russia sees many religious services taking place over Christmas, including an extended one on Christmas Eve. It’s a traditional service, one that is commonplace in the Russian Orthodox church throughout Russia.

If you’re lucky enough to be in the same country as your Russian woman, then offer to attend one of these services with her. If you’re not near her, then wish her well for the service beforehand, and ask her about it afterward. It will show that you’re in touch with Russian customs and that you appreciate its importance.

Russian woman

Did you make your Christmas wish?

Send some wishes in Russian

If you’re looking to help your Russian woman celebrate Christmas as well trying to impress her, perhaps sending her a Christmas wish by telephone or letter that allows you to include some native Russian language in. Written is easier, but you can also try saying it. For example, Merry Christmas in Russian is pronounced ‘S Razhdestvom’.

Make her some traditional Russian food

If you’re lucky enough to be with your Russian woman, then why not treat her by making some traditional food that is eaten in Russia at Christmas? Recipes for the likes of Russian Christmas Tea Cakes and Russian Spiced Tea can be freely found online.

Celebrate Christmas with her 

If you want to truly celebrate Christmas with Russian singles, then being invited to spend Christmas Eve with their closest ones is a sure sign that you’re welcome among them. It will likely put a huge smile on her face. Christmas Eve will include a large traditional meal and lengthy church service.