Live Video Chat with Russian Singles: Dos and Don’ts

You have done it. You decided you do not want to be alone any longer. You want to meet your other half, your soul mate. You signed up for online dating to meet your future Russian friend or even a partner. Now you are ready to date Russian singles online, talk to them and see them in a live video chat in order to find your ideal one.

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I am waiting for you in live video chat!

Things are going well for you and your Russian woman. You then decide to ask her if she would like to live video chat tomorrow night. She eagerly agrees. Now you have to deliver. Do not be afraid to be yourself, but there are ways to improve.

When live video chatting, make sure you are in an environment that is clean and nothing will disturb you during the conversation. The last thing she wants to see is a mess in your room. She wants to enjoy talking to you, so think about a nice and maybe even romantic atmosphere for your first live video chat.

Next thing when live video chatting with your Russian woman, be sure to dress nicely and look presentable. She has seen your profile picture and knows how you look. Have your hair done, shave if you need and make sure you have a nice shirt on. This will make you feel more confident even if you are far away from your partner.

Try not to eat during the live video chat unless it is agreed that you have your meals together. By the way, that is a cute way to have a date night when you cannot be in the same place together.

Do get creative. Come up with conversation starters for your live video chat. Keep in mind that your girlfriend may not be fluent in English, so keep things simple in order to keep the conversation flowing at a comfortable speed. Do not leave it all up to her; men sometimes do not like to prepare while women over prepare. Plan for more and hope you do not need it.

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Finally, do not forget to thank your Russian woman for a wonderful live video chat. Manners go far when speaking to someone from a different culture. She will surely appreciate it. Remember to make a date for your next live video chat. She will be happy to know that you are interested in speaking with her again that the relationship is becoming more serious. It does not need to be the very next day, but make sure it is during the next couple of days. You do not want to lose the flame you had during your first live video chat with your Russian single.

We sincerely hope that these tips of dos and don’ts for live video chat with your partner will help you. Just remember, be yourself and be honest. That is who she wants to be with after all.