Seven things your Russian woman wants to know about you

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When you meet the Russian woman of your dreams, or you’re a few weeks into a having conversations with her, there will be things she wants to know about you which can really help cement a lasting friendship or even relationship.

Entering a relationship with anyone is an exciting time, and brings lots of questions about the other half.  However, it’s always important to consider your Russian woman as there are things she simply must know about you to be convinced about your suitability in her own mind.

Here are seven things your Russian single wants to know about you:

What do you do for a living?

A Russian woman will expect certain things from their man, not least that he is a strong and confident person. Allied to this is his career. Make sure you take time to talk to your Russian single about your career, how long you have been doing it and what the future prospects are. She will enjoy listening to the story of your success. While Russian women are often very ambitious and driven in their own careers, many will expect their men to be likewise.

Your family

The family is incredibly important in Russia, so be prepared to tell your Russian woman all about the relationship you have with your family, especially your immediate family. She will enjoy hearing stories of you growing up, where you live, the things you still do as a family now.  If a Russian woman sees you as a man who also holds family values highly, she will likely feel much more confident in building a relationship with you.

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Previous relationships

Talking about past relationships will inevitably come up at some point in every new relationship, so expect your Russian single to ask questions about your relationship history. The important thing is to be truthful from the beginning, that way there are no skeletons in the closet and nothing to trip you up in the future.  After all, your Russian woman will not be looking to trip you up, she will just want to know the type of man you are and the previous relationships you’ve had.

What you’re looking for from this new relationship

Pretty early on in your relationship with a Russian single, it’s good to speak about what you’re looking for. Are you in this for a long-term relationship or are you looking some something much more casual?  You’re better discussing this early on so as not to waste anyone’s time.

Why have you chosen a Russian woman?

A Russian woman has many qualities and traits that make them so attractive to men but be prepared to explain exactly why it is that you began to look for a Russian friend or girlfriend. It’s especially good to relate the qualities back to your Russian woman personally too, it will help her feel special if you can identify some of those attractive traits in her.

What do you know about Russia?

No Russian woman will expect you to be an expert about her country from day one, however, it’s important not to be ignorant as well. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the basics in Russia; geography, culture, and history perhaps the three key ones.  Your girlfriend will have much more respect for you if she knows that you’re serious about both herself and her country.

Are you prepared to visit her in Russia?

This is perhaps a simple one, but if you’re looking for a strong and long-lasting relationship, your Russian woman will want to know if you’re prepared to go and visit her in her own country.  It shows commitment on your part but will also give your Russian single confidence for your first meeting.

Russian woman

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