Signs that your Russian woman is afraid to lose you

If you’re in a relationship with a Russian woman, you will probably find yourself overly focused on not losing her. However, in doing so, many men actually fail to recognise the signs that their woman is actually really afraid of losing them too.

A key factor in any relationship is knowing how to read each other. Recognising certain moods or emotions in your partner can really strengthen a relationship and make it grow into a long and successful one.

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However, one concern that is often overlooked by men is when their Russian woman is really afraid of losing them. It will often be the last thing in a man’s mind that she is afraid to lose him, rather than it being the other way around. But it happens more frequently than you may think.

Here are a few of those tell-tale signs that your Russian woman is worried about losing you.

Your Russian woman hates your going away for any period of time

If your Russian woman has begun to display real concern or worry when you have to go away, she’s probably worrying that you may not come back to her. This may be as simple as leaving for work for a few days or travelling overseas for some other purpose. It will seem a big deal to your woman and she may even get upset at the thought of you being away for that period of time.

She seems over-protective or jealous

Being with a woman who becomes over-protective or jealous can be incredibly frustrating. However, rather than being something that is unpleasant, you should probably take the time to consider why she is behaving like this. One reason may be that she is scared of losing you to someone else. This can be displayed in online chats, in person or on the telephone.

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She wants to know everything about your colleagues

Another sign that a Russian woman is afraid of losing you is when she acts nervously when you answer messages on your phone or is quizzing you just about everything to do with work or social life – including who you spend time with.

Your Russian woman tries far too hard to please you

Finally, one sign which can be hard to separate from just being happy to be with you is when your Russian woman is trying too hard to please you. She may be stretching herself financially or making herself exhausted by trying to be absolutely perfect when the reality is that you already see her as such.