Top tips how to impress your Ukrainian woman

Ukrainian woman

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Meeting and getting into a relationship with a Ukrainian woman can be one of the most rewarding things in life, with the potential for lasting and loving relationships. So how do you impress your Ukrainian woman?

As with any potential partner, it is important to know what your Ukrainian woman likes, both personally and what she is used to from her own culture. On that basis, here are our top tips to surprise your Ukrainian girlfriend:

Have confidence in yourself

Like many women, a Ukrainian single is likely to want a man who is confident and assured in himself, and even to show a level of assertiveness. Knowing what you want to achieve in your own life, and being confident in doing so, is an attractive quality for a Ukrainian woman.

Be strong and confident in social situations as well. Demonstrate to her that you are confident in yourself and that you are a strong person. This also helps show that you’re capable of taking care of her and protecting her.

Know the Ukrainian culture and avoid taboo subjects

In the early days of any relationship with a Ukrainian woman, do not begin to talk about, or even ask to talk about, intimate subjects.  It’s disrespectful to discuss sex at an early stage in a relationship. Your partner will first bring the subject up with you if she feels confident and trusting enough to do so.

Also, do not speak about past partners or relationships you may have had previously.  Perhaps as importantly, avoid talking you your Ukrainian woman about other relationships you may have had with other Ukrainian women.  It may come across negatively.

Ukrainian woman

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Be a gentleman with your Ukrainian woman

A Ukrainian woman will expect to be treated well and with respect from a man. This means paying her compliments and showing her your care. Be careful not to go over the top, but certainly compliment her on how she looks. Also, don’t forget good old-fashioned manners. Holding the door for her, pulling her chair out at dinner and saying “please” and “thank you”. Little manners and respect can go a long way.

Dress well

A Ukrainian woman will be attracted to a man who dresses smartly – it can go a long way to making a great first impression, too. In Ukraine, men will often dress quite simply, so instead put that effort in to look your best. Dress well and ensure you are well-groomed whenever speaking with your Ukrainian single either on video chat or in person.

Lighten the mood

While a Ukrainian woman likes the well-dressed, confident and well-mannered man, she will also enjoy a man with a sense of humor. Keep your jokes clean obviously, but you should definitely try to make your woman laugh when the time is right.  It can lighten the mood, break the ice and even in an established relationship, it goes a long way to keeping your Ukrainian woman smiling.