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Zodiac signAquarius
Birthday22 Jan 2003
Height5' 7'' (1.70m)
Weight136 Lbs (62 kg)
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorBlack
Marital statusSingle
English spokenfair
Plans childrenNo
ResidenceMedellín, Colombia


Deriving happiness from life`s simple joys, I take immense pleasure in reclining on the beach, basking in the sun`s warmth while being serenaded by the soothing rhythm of the waves. Engaging in fishing and hunting activities brings me intimately close to the exhilarating essence of the wilderness, establishing a profound connection with the natural cadence that underpins it all. Museums and art galleries hold me spellbound as I become fully immersed in the realm of creativity and history, my mind captivated by the narratives they hold. The dynamism of live music during concerts revitalizes my spirit, whether it`s the pulsating beats of rock music or the refined melodies of classical compositions. Amidst all these experiences, my unwavering fondness for nature persists, compelling me to embark on forest hikes, partake in camping escapades beneath the canopy of starlit skies, and discover solace within the encompassing beauty it offers.

My personality

Allow me to introduce you to Paulina, a 20-year-old young woman with striking blonde hair and entrancing green eyes that have the power to make time slip away. Her natural beauty is merely the surface of what she has to offer, for her captivating personality will truly leave you in awe. Immersed in her love for music, literature, and travel, Paulina emerges as a fearless explorer, ever eager to embrace fresh adventures. Possessing a distinctive fusion of tenderness and playfulness, this Colombian gem promises to whisk you away on an unforgettable journey. So, are you prepared to make her acquaintance and embark on this enchanting ride? 💘

I'm looking for

I am resolute in my perspective that age is simply a stereotype that holds no true significance. I strongly believe that every individual possesses a wealth of qualities to offer, irrespective of their age. Speaking for myself, I assure you that I hold a level of maturity far beyond my appearance. I acknowledge that this is a claim that requires substantiation through actions rather than words, and I completely understand and accept that. Thus, I extend an invitation for you to engage in conversation with me. A brief exchange of words will suffice to illustrate the essence of my point. Unlike some, I don`t seek material gifts or extravagant gestures. My expectations are rooted in honesty and loyalty—values that are not excessively demanding to provide, yet can be challenging to discover. Sending you affectionate kisses.

Paulina's Interview

My favorite music:
My favorite movie:
My favorite sport:
My favorite flower:
My favorite season:
My favorite color:
My favorite fruit:
My favorite holiday:
St. Patrick
Most of all I like...
My body
Most of all I dislike...
I would like to go to...
I dream about...
live in another country
What animal do I associate myself with?
In childhood I dreamed of becoming...
My friends and relatives call me...
The most unforgettable present I ever got:
My red dress
The best place I've already been to...
What I would like to change in myself?
Are you an early riser or a night owl?

Horoscope of Paulina from Medellín, Colombia

Paulina is Aquarius (January 21st – February 19th)

The Aquarian woman is an intellectual above all else. Paulina will captivate you instantly with her ideas and the fervor with which she expresses them. She will delight in showing you new things. Her intelligence will allow her to navigate any social situation without nervousness or awkwardness. In fact, an active social life is critical to her happiness.

Every day with her will be a new adventure. Although Paulina is likely to be an avid reader, she also wants to learn about the world through new experiences. She has a humanitarian streak, and will be drawn to volunteer work in her free time. But her home and family will always come first; Paulina will put their happiness and well-being above any other commitment she might make.

The Aquarian woman will be faithful, without question. But the challenge will be channeling her intention into carnal pursuits. It’s not that she doesn’t like sex, and it’s not that she isn’t a sensual person. It’s merely that there is so much to do, to learn, to think about, that her sexual needs may slip her mind. Whispering sweet nothings in her ear is probably the simplest way to remind her. But if you don’t stimulate her mind, she may not let you stimulate any other part of her either. Contact Paulina from Medellín, Colombia using services.
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