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Latin single Claudia from Medellín, Colombia personal profile

Member's ID54212
Zodiac signSagittarius
Birthday19 Dec 1978
Height5' 5'' (1.66m)
Weight136 Lbs (62 kg)
Hair colorChestnut
Eye colorBrown
Marital statusSingle
English spokengood
Plans childrenNo
ResidenceMedellín, Colombia


My passions span a broad spectrum, echoing my deep appreciation for the natural world. I seek solace in the embrace of forests during hikes and find wonder in the vast expanse of starlit skies. The art of cinematic storytelling holds me captive, transporting my imagination to distant realms through the narratives of films. Fishing and hunting provide me a connection to primal instincts, anchoring me in the outdoors and enabling me to participate in the timeless cycle of life. Books hold a steadfast presence in my life, serving as loyal companions that introduce me to endless realms and ideas. Meanwhile, travel beckons as the quintessential adventure, inviting me to immerse myself in a tapestry of cultures and landscapes. These experiences craft memories that become treasures, enduring across the span of time.

My personality

From my earliest years, I`ve been wholeheartedly dedicated to my studies and my career as a doctor. This commitment has propelled me in the field, granting me the opportunity to engage in frequent journeys throughout the Americas for conferences and training. These trips not only broaden my professional horizons but also allow me to savor unforgettable moments in new places. Despite my achievements, luck in love has eluded me. Regrettably, the individuals who`ve approached me have often been driven by ulterior motives. However, my heart yearns for a profound love—one marked by loyalty, honesty, and an unwavering passion. I`m not interested in a connection confined to a digital screen. My willingness to relocate knows no bounds; constant travel has made me adaptable to living in any corner of the world. As I`ve mentioned, I`m open to exploring the possibility of a connection with someone genuinely interested in getting to know me better. I eagerly await your message, with the hope that our paths may intersect. 💖

I'm looking for

💝I`m not in search of perfection, as I believe it to be an unattainable concept. What truly matters to me is finding a person with whom we can share reciprocity in every aspect—love, loyalty, trust, respect, and honesty. These values stand as the cornerstones of any meaningful relationship, and I`m resolute in not settling for anything less. When it comes to factors like age, race, and culture, they hold no sway over my perspective. I`m consistently open to exploring new worlds and embracing fresh experiences. Considering my penchant for adventure, I`d prefer our first meeting to transcend the ordinary, moving beyond the confines of a typical dinner or coffee. It`s my belief that a more daring and unconventional approach could grant us deeper insights into each other`s personalities. I`m hopeful that our interests align in this regard. Anticipation for your message fills me, and though I`d love to send a kiss, I`ll leave that for a moment we`re both eager to discover. Wishing you a wonderful day filled with positivity.💥

Claudia's Interview

My favorite music:
My favorite movie:
Purple Hearts
My favorite sport:
My favorite flower:
My favorite season:
My favorite color:
My favorite fruit:
My favorite holiday:
Valentine’s Day
Most of all I like...
Most of all I dislike...
I would like to go to...
I dream about...
What animal do I associate myself with?
In childhood I dreamed of becoming...
My friends and relatives call me...
The most unforgettable present I ever got:
The best place I've already been to...
What I would like to change in myself?
Are you an early riser or a night owl?
night owl

Horoscope of Claudia from Medellín, Colombia

Claudia is Sagittarius (November 23rd – December 21st)

For the Sagittarian woman, happiness is directly related to how free she feels. She can not be confined or tied down. Claudia needs to have room to wander, room to play, room to make mistakes. And she will make mistakes, but she will laugh them off, and because she learned something, will never regret.

She will be a genius in the kitchen, creative and inspired, and mealtimes will never be dull. But from time to time, she will forget to make the bed because she gets so caught up in working in the kitchen or the garden or somewhere else where she is engineering change. Claudia is vivacious and imaginative, and your world will be a little brighter just by sharing it with her.

She will prove to be as impulsive and spontaneous in the bedroom as she is in the rest of her life. When it comes to sex, the only dirty word as far as she is concerned is “routine”. She will constantly expect the unexpected, and you will learn to as well, because nothing happens quite like expected when she is around. It is nearly impossible to be bored or unhappy when she is around. Contact Claudia from Medellín, Colombia using services.
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