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Zodiac signScorpio
Birthday07 Nov 1996
Height5' 5'' (1.66m)
Weight141 Lbs (64 kg)
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBrown
OccupationBusiness Owner
Marital statusSingle
English spokengood
Plans childrenNo
ResidenceMedellín, Colombia


Nature`s embrace is my sanctuary, offering solace and igniting inspiration within the tranquil beauty of landscapes, ranging from majestic mountains to serene forests. Museums and art galleries serve as my gateways into realms of creativity and expression. I`m drawn into the narratives conveyed through brushstrokes, sculptures, and captivating exhibits. My playful spirit comes alive through various games and activities. Whether it`s unraveling intricate puzzles, engaging in board game showdowns, or conquering challenging video games, I`m always ready for a good time. Cycling, to me, is a means of exploring the world with a sense of freedom. It allows me to forge a connection with both the open road and the enchanting surroundings. Travel, my ultimate adventure, is like a passport to new experiences. It provides me with the opportunity to immerse myself in diverse cultures, indulge in a myriad of cuisines, and gather cherished memories from every corner of the globe.

My personality

☕Allow me to introduce myself. I am fueled by two passions: coffee and love, and I`m eager to share these passions with you. Adventurous by nature, I continually seek out new challenges to embrace. The spark of my passion for exploring new horizons was ignited during an expedition to the Amazon rainforest. It was there that my affinity for nature, particularly animals, flourished. The enduring bond of macaw mates struck a chord with me, as I yearn to find someone who also seeks lasting love. During my rainforest journey, I encountered various types of coffee, a discovery that has kindled a desire within me to share this experience with a special someone. Reading holds significance in my life. I approach each person as if they were a book, eager to learn from their stories and grow alongside them. I extend an invitation to you, to be a part of my life, and together, we can weave our passions into a shared journey. Are you intrigued to learn more about me and the potential we hold? I await your response with anticipation!☕

I'm looking for

I am in search of a resolute man, someone who possesses clarity about his desires and fearlessly pursues them. My preference leans towards a mature individual, open to embarking on new adventures alongside me. Above all, I`m seeking a partner who radiates passion and determination, qualities that are essential for the journey we could share.♥

Melisa's Interview

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20th of July
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My life
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night owl

Horoscope of Melisa from Medellín, Colombia

Melisa is Scorpio (October 24th – November 22nd)

The Scorpio woman is intense and mysterious. From the first moment you lay eyes on her, you won’t be able to get her out of your mind. Melisa surrounds herself with secrecy and seriousness. Getting to know the Scorpio woman is a challenge all on its own – she will be impervious to your jokes, and will avoid answering any questions that she doesn’t feel are important. Of course, none of this will deter the ardent admirer, and he will certainly be rewarded for his tenacity.

Because the Scorpio woman, once Melisa is persuaded to open up to you, is an amazing companion. She is hard-working, dedicated, and tireless when trying to achieve any goal, be it yours or her own. In short, she is unstoppable, always has her eye on the prize, and will take you with her to all the wonderful places she is sure she will go.

As if that weren’t enough, she is also very likely to be a skilled lover. She is attentive and curious, and will want to explore every possible variant on the experience. Nothing is taboo as far as she is concerned. And, like everything else in her life, she will do whatever it takes to bring pleasure to both herself and her partner. Contact Melisa from Medellín, Colombia using services.
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