Ukrainian single Lyudmila from Kyiv personal profile

Member's ID54462
Zodiac signCapricorn
Birthday07 Jan 2001
Height5' 4'' (1.63m)
Weight110 Lbs (50 kg)
Hair colorChestnut
Eye colorBlack
Marital statusSingle
English spokengood
Plans childrenYes


I have a lot of hobbies, and itís hard to remember and describe everything now, Iíll tell you a small part of what causes passion in me. The first is dancing, I love dancing, movement is life. The second is drawing, drawing helps me calm down and concentrate, forget about everything, I immerse myself completely.

My personality

I want to start with the fact that Iím not an ideal woman, because I think that ideal people simply donít exist, I, like every person, have advantages and disadvantages, but I want to say the main thing is that Iím not a bad person, Iím not vindictive, I think that you shouldnít waste your time on grudges, because time is the most valuable thing we have. We should spend this time on the people we love. After all, we live in a really difficult time for each of us, and we should enjoy every minute of the time when we are happy.

I'm looking for

I am not looking for a prince on a white horse, as I wrote in my description, ideal people do not exist, I am an ordinary lady who wants to fall in love, be loved and needed. I just want your tenderness, passion, love, so that the blood inside boils at the sight of you, so that my smile does not leave my face when I look straight into your eyes and I want to get lost in them. This is what I sincerely and truly want.

Horoscope of Lyudmila from Kyiv

Lyudmila is Capricorn (December 22nd Ė January 20th)

The Capricorn woman is best defined as ambitious and determined. She is always practical, never frivolous, and will not waste your time or your money. She is a firm believer that hard work is its own reward, and she isnít afraid to get her hands dirty. Lyudmila is rather conventional both in thought and action, and will most likely be pretty in a classic way. She does not follow trends or do anything at all on a whim.

But once the Capricorn woman decides to put her lot in with yours, she will give you all of her efforts and attentions. Lyudmila is patient and kind, and will be supportive of your every dream and desire. She will want to be the rock you lean on when things get hard. She is compassionate, but not overly emotional, and will try to reason her way to a solution rather than intuit one.

Although she will never be overly comfortable with public displays of affection, it is a completely different story once you are alone with her behind closed doors. She is an attentive lover. She is at her most vulnerable when in love and will show you her tender side that she normally keeps hidden away. If you are gentle with her, she will continue surprising you a little at a time for years to come. Contact Lyudmila from Kyiv using services.
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