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Member's ID55429
Zodiac signAquarius
Birthday15 Feb 1985
Height5' 3'' (1.60m)
Weight101 Lbs (46 kg)
Hair colorChestnut
Eye colorBlue
OccupationOwn business
Marital statusSingle
English spokenfair
Plans childrenYes


I am a travel enthusiast with a special place in my heart for Bali, my most remarkable destination to visit. Exploring new places fuels my soul, and Bali, with its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and serene beaches, captured my heart like no other. I hope to be back there with my beloved.

My personality

Hi, I am Iryna, a realtor by profession and a matchmaker at heart. Just like finding the perfect home, I believe dating is about discovering that ideal match where everything feels just right. In my world, a good relationship is like prime real estate Ė it`s all about location, timing, and a little bit of luck. I help people find their dream homes, and here, I`m on a quest to find my dream partner. Charming and savvy, I navigate both the property market and the dating scene with ease.

I'm looking for

I am looking for a man who embodies strength, care, and an active zest for life. Heís someone who appreciates the beauty in each day and lives with a passion that matches hers. This man loves adventure, whether itís a spontaneous weekend getaway or a simple walk in the park. Heís strong, not just physically but emotionally, providing a solid foundation of support and understanding. Heís a go-getter, someone who seizes opportunities and makes the most of every moment. With a love for life thatís contagious, he brings joy and energy wherever he goes. If youíre someone who believes in living fully and loving deeply, you might just be the perfect match for me.

Horoscope of Iryna from Kyiv

Iryna is Aquarius (January 21st Ė February 19th)

The Aquarian woman is an intellectual above all else. Iryna will captivate you instantly with her ideas and the fervor with which she expresses them. She will delight in showing you new things. Her intelligence will allow her to navigate any social situation without nervousness or awkwardness. In fact, an active social life is critical to her happiness.

Every day with her will be a new adventure. Although Iryna is likely to be an avid reader, she also wants to learn about the world through new experiences. She has a humanitarian streak, and will be drawn to volunteer work in her free time. But her home and family will always come first; Iryna will put their happiness and well-being above any other commitment she might make.

The Aquarian woman will be faithful, without question. But the challenge will be channeling her intention into carnal pursuits. Itís not that she doesnít like sex, and itís not that she isnít a sensual person. Itís merely that there is so much to do, to learn, to think about, that her sexual needs may slip her mind. Whispering sweet nothings in her ear is probably the simplest way to remind her. But if you donít stimulate her mind, she may not let you stimulate any other part of her either. Contact Iryna from Kyiv using services.
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