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I enjoy sports and always try to look the best. I`m interested in crossfit and dancing. Anyway I do not mind cooking and eating something tasty from time to time. I will never refuse a tasty dessert. I like reading ironic detectives and psychology books. I enjoy traveling, visiting new places, learning new things and making new acquaintances.


I am optimistic, sincere and sociable. I am interested in many things and constantly working on myself. My best friends call me a fidget. I always smile and enjoy sharing my good mood with people around.

Elena is searching for:

I like men who are sociable like me and who have a good sense of humor ;) I like caring men who can understand and support me. I look for a man to set and reach goals with.

Horoscope of Elena from Khmelnitskyi, Ukraine

Elena was born under the sign of Capricorn

The Capricorn female has an amorous nature that she keeps well hidden. She cares about love and often determines her own fate in relationships. She doesn’t believe in love at first sight and chooses her men carefully. Elena doesn’t waste time flirting because to her, love is a very serious matter. If a male piques her interest, she will watch him from afar before forming a close relationship. She wants to get to know him and carefully considers the consequences of becoming involved.

Capricorn is an earth sign and the Capricorn female is very sensual when she’s feeling safe and secure. To her, love is crucial. Elena wants and needs a partner who will understand and cherish her. She expects her partner to allow her to control her own life goals. She won’t put her neck into any man’s yoke or allow them to take away her self esteem or self sufficiency. She is strongly independent, though may at first appear shy or submissive.

Capricorn women are highly intelligent and possess a lot of common sense. A Capricorn female expects to be courted, wooed and pursued in the traditional sense. She doesn’t leap into bed with just anyone and, if pressure, will discontinue the relationship. She is virtuous and often chooses younger men as partners in order to dominate the relationship. From her point of view, it is a positive feature, as her love runs deep and long. If you honor, cherish and respect the Capricorn female, you will have a life long relationship in which you will be blissfully happy.

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