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I like running in the morning, I like to keep fit. Gardening, playing with children, that is also my work, are my hobbies. I`ve brought up my son. He is an adult now, so I`m ready to start a new life.


I like a life and I`m ready to share my hobbies and life views! I appreciate romance in an everyday life and I know how to surprise my beloved man and keep our bedroom in a fire of passion. A woman of my age knows how to stay happy with her man.

Inna is searching for:

I want to meet someone who will be my partner. I want to feel his love, not just to hear words about it. He shouldn`t tell me about love I will see it in his eyes, feel in his touch and his hugs, he should be romantic.

Horoscope of Inna from Uman, Ukraine

Inna was born under the sign of Pisces

The Pisces female is a changeable creature that carries an air of mystery about her. Inna is very focused on sex and is delightful. Her eyes will melt the hearts of members of the opposite sex, even though she is subtle.

Though the Pisces female is born under a water sign, she is hot! She will give her partner many memorable moments. She is adventurous in the bedroom and will try almost anything. She likes her partner to be the instigator in the act of love making, but once aroused, she always makes the act soar to the highest heights. She is willing to make suggestions and is delighted when her partner complies.

Pisces women possess the ability to make men feel like giants. Inna’s trait of gentleness, innocence and softness gives her partner the need to be protective and strong. To her, love is the center of the universe and all else in her life radiates from its core. When she is happy with her mate, that is all that really matters. She loves to be shown affection, needs to be cherished and wants to be loved. More than any other woman on the zodiac, Pisces is willing to change her self-image to please her partner. She has an intuitive side that helps her adjust within a relationship to make it work. Romance holds the key to her heart and soul.

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