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I love to sing! Singing is my hobby, which I have made my work! I like to travel, to spend my free time activity - I love hiking in the mountains or playing volleyball on the beach during summer time. I am a good hostess and I can cook well.


I see myself as a sociable, kind and sympathetic lady. It`s easy to offend me, but I quickly forget and forgive it. I am a very goal-oriented person. I like to be first in everything! Also, I am passionate and romantic! I like to take care of my dear people. I keep my word and I treat others just so as I would like to be treated. I am not a conflict person, but I can defend my opinion. I don`t stop working on myself, developing as a person and getting new knowledge in all spheres of life.

Victoria is searching for:

I see my man as a wise and mature person. Age difference between us does not scare me. I see it as an advantage for us in our relations. He needs to be self-confident, well-balanced and responsible. I would like him to share my passion of traveling. I would love to see the world with my loved one!

Horoscope of Victoria from Mirnograd, Ukraine

Victoria was born under the sign of Leo

The Leo female is capable of being very elegant. Victoria has a great regal air, good social qualities and a sympathetic nature. She is passionate, loving and loyal. She sets high standards in all areas of her life. She shows great love and is forgiving and kind. She shows generosity to strangers who need a helping hand and tends to have great self esteem, confidence and strength. She is an efficient organizer and manager – a leader who understands the concept of being part of a team. Though she works well under authority, she works hard and thrives as she moves up the corporate ladder.

The Leo female is blessed with superb taste. Victoria demands respect and gives respect to others. She enjoys being noticed by men and is often the life of the party. She has a magnetic personality and is often surrounded by admirers of both sexes.

To have a good relationship with a Leo female, dwell on her virtues, as she has many. As a wife, she is unselfish and will sacrifice all for the sake of her family. She is affectionate and loving and displays great wisdom. She’s protective of her offspring in a way that reminds those close to her of a mother lion, though she expects them to adhere to her high standards and won’t accept any less from them.

Female Leos are attracted to males who radiate warmth and who are affectionate physically. She likes her mate to be handsome, powerful and a person who commands respect. She is also attracted to creative men, such as artists, actors, musicians and performers.

Leo females are highly suitable for careers in the medical profession, such as nurses, doctors, lab technicians and therapists because they emit a sense of hope and love and are compassionate and sympathetic toward their patients.

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