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Ukrainian single Vladislava from Odessa, Ukraine personal profile

Member's ID43333
Zodiac signSagittarius
Birthday03 Dec 1989
Height5' 5'' (1.66m)
Weight123 Lbs (56 kg)
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBlue
Marital statusSingle
English spokennone
Plans childrenYes
ResidenceOdessa, Ukraine


The most peaceful person in this world is me. It is better for me to avoid different quarrels and arguments. It is more reasonable to spend inner energy for something positive rather than for anger. Is it correct? I think it is. :) Of course there are situations when you have to argue, but it can be done in a good way and tone, right? My friends consider that I am a very purposeful lady. When I have a goal, I will do my best to reach it. And are you a purposeful person? If yes, then we are lucky. We can unite our power and use it in order to reach our common goal. There is so much optimism in my heart. I believe that everything will happen in the way we want and each person can be happy. The thing I do not like is egoism. It would sound strange, but there is no that trait in my character. Thinking of others, helping and supporting them bring me a lot of pleasure. And of course they do the same in return. It is real relationships for me.

My personality

Dogs are my little, cute friends. I like them so much. They are the only friends, who will never betray you and will always follow you. So, as you see I love animals very much. But do not be afraid, if I fall in love with you, I will love you more. :) Lol Sport plays an important role in my life. Every day I do morning exercises and if the weather is fine, I jog. Being healthy and fit is what I really want. Also I like water sport. Aerobics in the swimming pool is so refreshing. Have you ever tried it? It would be funny to try it together. :) It would sound a little strange, but I like ground a lot. My parents and I like to go to our summer house. Planting flowers and fruits, gathering vegetables and watering bunches with berries bring me a lot of pleasure. So, as you see I am two in one – a city woman with great love to the nature. :) When I have some free time, I like reading. Unfortunately, it is not as often as I want. But when I read I am deep in the world of my dreams. It is really great. Have you ever had such a feeling?

I'm looking for

It`s always been strange for me to see girls who are looking for an ideal man with a list of perfect traits. It is like a casting. :) Lol. But we are not in the shop, right? :) Everyone wants to feel love, even the worst person in the world. And by the way, maybe if he were loved he would be very nice and kind. In my opinion, every person deserves a chance to be happy. Even if there is something you want to change in yourself, I am ready to help you and to support you. There are no bounders in love and if I am in love with you all your traits will be attractive for me. :)

Horoscope of Vladislava from Odessa, Ukraine

Vladislava is Sagittarius (November 23rd – December 21st)

For the Sagittarian woman, happiness is directly related to how free she feels. She can not be confined or tied down. Vladislava needs to have room to wander, room to play, room to make mistakes. And she will make mistakes, but she will laugh them off, and because she learned something, will never regret.

She will be a genius in the kitchen, creative and inspired, and mealtimes will never be dull. But from time to time, she will forget to make the bed because she gets so caught up in working in the kitchen or the garden or somewhere else where she is engineering change. Vladislava is vivacious and imaginative, and your world will be a little brighter just by sharing it with her.

She will prove to be as impulsive and spontaneous in the bedroom as she is in the rest of her life. When it comes to sex, the only dirty word as far as she is concerned is “routine”. She will constantly expect the unexpected, and you will learn to as well, because nothing happens quite like expected when she is around. It is nearly impossible to be bored or unhappy when she is around. Contact Vladislava from Odessa, Ukraine using services.
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