Ukrainian single Antonina from Dnepropetrovsk personal profile

Member's ID46143
Zodiac signVirgo
Birthday19 Sep 1986
Height5' 4'' (1.63m)
Weight121 Lbs (55 kg)
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorGrey
Marital statusDivorced
English spokenbasic
Plans childrenYes


I love dreaming. I sing in the shower when nobody hears me. I love dancing to bits when the music and body merge together, it raises the feelings from the depth of my heart. I love looking at the sea, at its eternity and impermanence, feeling the touch of wind... I love horses and dolphins. I also adore doing handwork, creating something unique and beautiful. I love books, getting under the blanket and reading, turning over the pages and making some marks, getting deeper into the plot, forgetting about time. I love walking under rain without umbrella, especially, in summer... Jumping over puddles with my nephew, trilling with laughter, as these puddles splash all over. I love billiards. I am only learning to hold a cue in the right way and to hit the balls. Sometimes I even get them into the pocket. :)) I love songs accompanied by the guitar and picnics. :)) I love cooking delicious dishes, especially baking Easter cakes and cooking borscht. I adore cars, speed and the sound of the engine when it is both scary and exciting at the same time.

My personality

I am always curious and like learning. :)) I am too kind. :)) I still believe in wonders and in Santa Claus. :)) I live out of politics and crisis! Since my childhood, I have suffered from a sharp feeling of justice. :)) I have a wonderful sense of humor and intuition! I always think in a positive way and treat pessimists in a tolerant way, but try to avoid them. I don`t like when strangers touch my things or break the rules of my personal space. I am not able to lie that is why I always tell people what I think. I am friendly and communicative. I am resourceful and witty. I cannot live against my will, that is why I live relying on what my heart tells me. That is why I am always pleased and happy. :)) The most precious things to me are my family and being loyal. I love sincerely and devotedly. Sometimes I can be disorganized and get into funny situations. That is why I always have something to remember and laugh at in my life. :))

I'm looking for

I need a man, who knows what he wants from his life and makes efforts to get this aim, who is ready to take responsibility for his woman and family. My man should be charismatic, witty, with a sense of humor, so that I could feel protected, desired and loved by him. I will always listen to him, obey him, and sometimes be capricious, just a bit. :))

Horoscope of Antonina from Dnepropetrovsk

Antonina is Virgo (August 24th – September 23rd)

The Virgo woman is shy and modest. To call her prudish is unfair; she is just guarded. She tends to blush easily and beautifully. The Virgo woman will never do anything that will cause you to think badly of her. Antonina is well-mannered, delicate in her speech, and submissive in her thoughts.

Her living space will be immaculate. Disorder makes her uncomfortable, and she is not at all afraid of hard-work. Antonina is a born care-taker and wonderful with children, whether they be her own or someone else’s. She does not care for conflict, and will likely yield to any reasonable request made of her.

Because she will never wear her heart on her sleeve or ask for what she wants, it is crucial to her happiness that she has an attentive lover. She does enjoy sex even if she doesn’t always know how to make it known. An attention to detail is critical when making love to the Virgo woman, as she tends to be subdued in passionate situations. Contact Antonina from Dnepropetrovsk using services.
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