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European single woman Anna from Bender
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id: 49126
age: 26
Redhead ladies are very passionate!
Member's ID49126
Zodiac signLeo
Birthday08 Aug 1997
Height5' 5'' (1.65m)
Weight117 Lbs (53 kg)
Hair colorRed
Eye colorBrown
Marital statusSingle
English spokengood
Plans childrenYes


Look who I am! A student with fresh juicy blood and unstoppable lightning. With me you can feel one more time the youth taste and teen spirit.

My personality

Have you ever seen grannies driving Ferrari? Sounds weird, and you are totally right. If I were in a posh luxury car, I would be like Bugatti. For a second you will think that you can’t breathe, but then the mix of hormones will make you drunk. But, no alcohol, just touch my knee and you`ll feel all that.

I'm looking for

To drive Bugatti, driver should be experienced but not a nerd, Should be fast, but follow safe laws. Maybe butterflies in stomach will have the heart attack, but no one will notice that cause we both will be happy like to Moon and back.

Horoscope of Anna from Bender

Anna is Leo (July 24th – August 23rd)

The Leo woman loves to be the center of attention, and she often is due to a knack to know just what to do in any given situation. Anna is an amazing hostess who will rise to any occasion to entertain. Her manners are always beyond reproach. She is extroverted and tends to be an excellent conversationalist. She makes friends wherever she goes, but keeps very few people close.

Anna expects to always be treated like the queen of her castle, and has such a regal bearing that doing so is never a hardship. She is strong and very future-oriented. No sacrifice is too great to make in the moment if it will bring her happiness down the road. She never goes back on her word, and she never lets down the people she cares most about.

The Leo woman will always be attractive and well-groomed. She will be alluring even when she does nothing at all. But she will never be simple to seduce. Anna is confident in her own worth, and will require much effort on your part before she succumbs. But when she finally does, it will be all that much sweeter for the time spent in anticipation. Contact Anna from Bender using services.
European single woman Anna from Bender
Confirmed profile


id: 49126
age: 26
Redhead ladies are very passionate!
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