Ukrainian single Irina from Lubny, Ukraine personal profile

Member's ID51500
Zodiac signSagittarius
Birthday30 Nov 1985
Height5' 6'' (1.68m)
Weight123 Lbs (56 kg)
Hair colorBrunette
Eye colorBrown
OccupationBusiness Owner
Marital statusDivorced
English spokenbasic
Childrenson, 15 y.o.
Plans childrenYes
ResidenceLubny, Ukraine


Being a woman is my calling. I am a lot into art - like painting, music, and drawing. My personality consists of two different sides - on the one hand, I am adventurous and I enjoy traveling, nature and sport. But on the other hand, I enjoy having quiet time at home - when I can cook, knit, or plant flowers. My biggest passion is studying... Our knowledge makes us stronger and so powerful! Learning something new always gives me a lot of pleasure. Lately, I`ve taken up a new hobby - oriental dances (belly dance). I think I have a talent for this! I hope my man will be able to appreciate it! I have no doubts that this dance will become a bright decoration for our romantic evenings!

My personality

I am a rather active, sincere, and charming lady. I am very optimistic, enthusiastic, and never bored. If I set a goal - I do my best to reach it. But at the same time, I believe that it`s important to keep a work-life balance - that is why I believe that in a relationship we should always find time for a romantic date. I am a keen traveler, but I am tired of traveling alone. I am mature and I know that it`s high time for me to start a serious relationship. I am here because I am in search of real and sincere relations. I hope that these changes will soon come to my life! I hope that the man who reads my profile will understand me and will appreciate family values too.

I'm looking for

What is love? People see it differently... But it`s essential to find the one, who sees it in the same way as you do. what is love for me? It`s the feeling of huge gratitude, desire, passion, tenderness, respect, and mutual understanding. This is the feeling that you will never be able to mix with anything else... This is the feeling when you find a person, who becomes your home... The person, who makes you feel cozy and warm... the person, whose words sound like a balm, whose kisses are sweeter than the most delicious chocolate in the world! So, I am here to find a man, who sees love in the same way... I am here for the one, who is loving, respectful, understanding, and supportive. I cannot say that I am looking for a perfect match... as there are never perfect matches. I am looking for a good man, with the right values... and of course, I hope we will have chemistry between us! It`s so vital!

Horoscope of Irina from Lubny, Ukraine

Irina is Sagittarius (November 23rd – December 21st)

For the Sagittarian woman, happiness is directly related to how free she feels. She can not be confined or tied down. Irina needs to have room to wander, room to play, room to make mistakes. And she will make mistakes, but she will laugh them off, and because she learned something, will never regret.

She will be a genius in the kitchen, creative and inspired, and mealtimes will never be dull. But from time to time, she will forget to make the bed because she gets so caught up in working in the kitchen or the garden or somewhere else where she is engineering change. Irina is vivacious and imaginative, and your world will be a little brighter just by sharing it with her.

She will prove to be as impulsive and spontaneous in the bedroom as she is in the rest of her life. When it comes to sex, the only dirty word as far as she is concerned is “routine”. She will constantly expect the unexpected, and you will learn to as well, because nothing happens quite like expected when she is around. It is nearly impossible to be bored or unhappy when she is around. Contact Irina from Lubny, Ukraine using services.
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