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Ukrainian single Ksenia from Kiev, Ukraine personal profile

Member's ID51780
Zodiac signPisces
Birthday04 Mar 1989
Height5' 7'' (1.70m)
Weight123 Lbs (56 kg)
Hair colorChestnut
Eye colorBrown
Marital statusSingle
English spokenfair
Plans childrenYes
ResidenceKiev, Ukraine


I`m a pretty active lady! I`m in love with my life. I love traveling to different countries! I like learning cultures of other nations. I like to spend a lot of time outdoors! I like to enjoy picnics, relax by the sea... And I also love the mountains! I really like to paint a variety of paintings. Whether itís the sea or the mountains or the forest, and sometimes even the people. When inspiration comes to me, I just draw, draw and draw! Drawing flowers has a special place in my heart, especially peonies, theyíre my favorite flowers. I even have a couple of my paintings at home. I draw pictures and make underwear and listen to rock, pop, and jazz, read detectives, love fresh flowers, often travel (already visited 18 countries). I really love to cook and I know how to make dishes delicious... I add tenderness, love, and a piece of passion to them... Do you want to try this dish with me? I am also a coffee lover and I am looking for a man here who will bring it in the morning, so you should know that I like coffee with milk or cream and without sugar. :)) What kind of coffee do you prefer?

My personality

I don`t know what you think looking at my photos, but at heart, I am a simple and caring girl. Although, of course, I`m not perfect, I appreciate sincere and kind people, because I am sincere. I am no longer a little girl and have my own life experience. I have a very creative profession - I am an interior designer, it gives me great pleasure, and my clients always speak of my work with great gratitude. That is why I am sure that I can find myself in any country, if, of course, my man wants me to move to him. I do not understand when people adhere to one place of residence and do not want to change anything, change is wonderful! I am always open to new people, impressions, emotions. Thanks to my non-standard imagination, you will never be bored with me. I have a harmonious and balanced character. I am kind to people and always ready to support my family and friends. I think that I am sincere and gentle, delicate, loving, and, more importantly, very patient. I`m willing to compromise. I prefer to discuss important issues and do not like to scandal. Anyway, as my friends say, Iím a mystery woman, it`s always interesting near me. Youíll find out the rest of my positive qualities later.

I'm looking for

I don`t want to act like an immature teenager and just fall in love! Love is a very powerful feeling that most of us underestimate! I think that there are no ideals, but there is someone who was created just for me. It doesn`t matter where you come from. It doesn`t matter what you do for a living or how old you are. In my opinion, LOVE is when two souls meet each other at the right time! Things like age, religion, education do not completely define a person, and outer beauty is not what I am looking for. I would honor my man for who he really is, and not try to make him something that he is not. The man of my dreams is smart and confident, he is kind and has a good sense of humor. He is strong and independent. He respects himself and the people around him. With my man, I want to feel safe. We should respect and understand each other. I wish we could be in harmony with each other, living our long and happy life together. I know that you exist, and if you live on the other half of this earth, I can cross all borders and meet you. I think that true love knows no boundaries or time. So let`s take the leap, give it a shot, and make our real story! Do you want me to be your doll or your mature young lady? You will find both qualities in me.

Horoscope of Ksenia from Kiev, Ukraine

Ksenia is Pisces (February 20th Ė March 20th)

The Piscean woman is delicate and ethereal. From the first time you meet her, you sense that there is something magical about her and youíre right. Ksenia is tremendously empathic, almost to the point of seeming psychic, and she will know what you want and need before you are even sure yourself.

Her spirituality is very important to her. What she believes, she believes with ever fiber of her being, and it doesnít matter if she canít see or touch it. She knows itís there. Ksenia will make decisions based on nothing more than her instinct, and more often than not, they will be the right decisions. Follow her hunches and you will never be disappointed.

The Piscean woman forms attachments easily, and really enjoys being around members of the opposite sex, but that is no cause for concern. One of the things she believes in is true love, and once she has chosen you, she will not stray. Every moment with her is an ecstasy, her every movement an unintentional seduction. She will be desired by many, but completely devoted to you. Contact Ksenia from Kiev, Ukraine using services.)
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