Ukrainian single Elizaveta from Odessa personal profile

Member's ID52093
Zodiac signVirgo
Birthday19 Sep 2003
Height5' 4'' (1.62m)
Weight117 Lbs (53 kg)
Hair colorBlond
Eye colorHazel
Marital statusSingle
English spokengood
Plans childrenYes


My hobby is traveling. I was lucky enough to be a model because I first saw the whole Ukraine, and then a little bit of the world. But I want my hobby to be shared by my man with whom we will travel together. Cooking and baking are my culinary adventures, and nurturing a vibrant garden brings me peace. Yoga and meditation keep me grounded and in touch with my inner self. Staying fit through activities like cycling and swimming invigorates me. Sports like basketball and tennis give me an adrenaline rush. Watching movies and attending concerts satisfy my love for the arts.

My personality

I am explosive and can not sit still, I am not a homebody, it is important for me to spend some time, sometimes I just want to relax, but you can not get tired without doing anything. But I want to calm down and become more sedentary near my man. I am an intelligent and curious individual, always seeking knowledge and eager to learn. Kindness and compassion are at the core of my being, as I believe in treating others with empathy and understanding. I am ambitious and driven, constantly pushing myself to achieve my goals. Confidence radiates from within me, giving me the courage to face challenges head-on.

I'm looking for

My man is interesting, experienced, and fun. He loves me and what I do, supports me, and just enjoys being around me. Kind, generous and just the best. That`s how I see him

Horoscope of Elizaveta from Odessa

Elizaveta is Virgo (August 24th – September 23rd)

The Virgo woman is shy and modest. To call her prudish is unfair; she is just guarded. She tends to blush easily and beautifully. The Virgo woman will never do anything that will cause you to think badly of her. Elizaveta is well-mannered, delicate in her speech, and submissive in her thoughts.

Her living space will be immaculate. Disorder makes her uncomfortable, and she is not at all afraid of hard-work. Elizaveta is a born care-taker and wonderful with children, whether they be her own or someone else’s. She does not care for conflict, and will likely yield to any reasonable request made of her.

Because she will never wear her heart on her sleeve or ask for what she wants, it is crucial to her happiness that she has an attentive lover. She does enjoy sex even if she doesn’t always know how to make it known. An attention to detail is critical when making love to the Virgo woman, as she tends to be subdued in passionate situations. Contact Elizaveta from Odessa using services.
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