Ukrainian single Viktoria from Odessa personal profile

Member's ID52177
Zodiac signAquarius
Birthday27 Jan 1996
Height5' 3'' (1.60m)
Weight121 Lbs (55 kg)
Hair colorChestnut
Eye colorBrown
OccupationBusiness Owner
Marital statusSingle
English spokenbasic
Plans childrenYes


I am an active and purposeful person! I go to the gym, keep my body in good physical shape. I paint with acrylics, dance, sing, love to take pictures. In my daily life, I love to create a beautiful place to live. There will always be comfort and harmony in my home and relationships - this is what I can offer you. I am quite a good cook and I am sure that my apple pie can make you kiss me! I like traveling. I have always had an interest in studying other cultures, I like to explore the world! If there is such an opportunity, I visit exhibitions, theaters, concerts. I enjoy reading, also self-education is a big part of my life!

My personality

I honestly believe that everyone is worthy of love and happiness. I think that evil people exist only because they have not received enough love and positive emotions! The more positive energy, kindness and love we generate and share, the more kind and good people will surround you. Do you agree with me? I will open my inner world to you a little! I`m actually very stubborn. I will not say that I like to have the last word, but it is almost impossible to argue with me. I am cheerful, interesting, charismatic, a little lazy, moderately modest, active. I try to set goals and achieve them. Very playful, I like to have fun and joke. I can say that I am very kind and positive! It is a real pleasure for me to bring smiles on people`s faces, and it is doubly pleasant to see the result.

I'm looking for

I will immediately highlight several qualities that I expect to see in my man: generosity, sincerity, benevolence, ambition, love of style, honesty, hard work. But building a relationship for me is totally teamwork. Nothing is perfect, right or wrong. We will both discuss things, find the best option together. We will be open to each other! We will share our desires and thoughts. We will always have time for ourselves! I believe there must be a time when we miss each other and look forward to a gentle hug and a long-awaited sweet kiss. I will give you "personal space"! We will respect each other! We will strive only for good, fully supporting each other in difficult times. I am sure that I need a man with whom I can relax and just enjoy this life! just forget about all the problems and difficulties and just be myself! I am sure that my man will respect me and will never laugh at my weakness or some aspects of my character! I want to meet a man who falls in love with my heart and not with my body or face! In the same way, I will look at a man through his hearts, and not because of his body (face) or material condition! I want him to treat me with love and tenderness, which makes me feel like an important and special woman! I know that my man will trust me and that I will completely be able to trust him!

Horoscope of Viktoria from Odessa

Viktoria is Aquarius (January 21st Ė February 19th)

The Aquarian woman is an intellectual above all else. Viktoria will captivate you instantly with her ideas and the fervor with which she expresses them. She will delight in showing you new things. Her intelligence will allow her to navigate any social situation without nervousness or awkwardness. In fact, an active social life is critical to her happiness.

Every day with her will be a new adventure. Although Viktoria is likely to be an avid reader, she also wants to learn about the world through new experiences. She has a humanitarian streak, and will be drawn to volunteer work in her free time. But her home and family will always come first; Viktoria will put their happiness and well-being above any other commitment she might make.

The Aquarian woman will be faithful, without question. But the challenge will be channeling her intention into carnal pursuits. Itís not that she doesnít like sex, and itís not that she isnít a sensual person. Itís merely that there is so much to do, to learn, to think about, that her sexual needs may slip her mind. Whispering sweet nothings in her ear is probably the simplest way to remind her. But if you donít stimulate her mind, she may not let you stimulate any other part of her either. Contact Viktoria from Odessa using services.
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