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Member's ID52378
Zodiac signGemini
Birthday17 Jun 1992
Height5' 5'' (1.66m)
Weight121 Lbs (55 kg)
Hair colorBlond
Eye colorBlue
OccupationNail artist
Marital statusSingle
English spokenbasic
Plans childrenYes


My hobbies are quite diverse! I love to keep my body in a good physical shape so I like fitness, gym and running! I am also a creative person: I write poetry, I love theater, opera, ballet, art exhibitions and concerts. I love to travel. I also love experimenting in the kitchen! I hope you can appreciate my culinary skills! I think that I will tell you more about myself personally, in our communication!

My personality

Our life is a reflection of our thoughts! This expression is my life credo! I am a sweet and gentle woman, like a heroine from a charming novel, who is ready to run away with her "knight". :) I am well-mannered, graceful, modest... I am like a princess from the pages of a fairy tale! I am tender, like a flower bud that dreams... no! who wants to be discovered by her beloved man! A man who will enjoy my delicate fragrance, enjoy my beauty and protect me! I have a radiant smile, charming blue eyes, a generous and kind heart, which is still free for my "special man". I do not want a frivolous man to penetrate my heart at all! I don`t want my heart to be broken! I do not want to be an accidental guest in the life of my chosen one. I would like to live in his heart once and for all! You might think that I`m a bit of a dreamer but I am rational and responsible too. I just can`t stop myself from believing in miracles.

I'm looking for

"You know you`re in love when you can`t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams." (Dr. Seuss) Have you heard this saying? I think it`s just perfect for describing love! I often write poetry and now I compare our life with a novel or a poem! Now a new life path is beginning for me and I want to write about true love, about creating a strong family, about those simple things that make a woman happy! To do this, I need to choose the main "hero" of my novel. In my dream, he is with a pure soul, so I see him as my devoted and faithful, caring and understanding friend! And of course - he had a big and loving heart! Such a man would be perfect for me! I want my man to be ready to turn my reality into a fairy tale! Of course, I guarantee that it will all be mutual! I am ready not only to take, but also to give! I am ready to accept my man with all his strengths and weaknesses! I know that none of us is perfect! So, if reality is better than dreams - then it means that the time of sleepless nights has come into my life! I hope that soon my ideal and special man will give me this pleasure!

Horoscope of Ekaterina from Kiev

Ekaterina is Gemini (May 22nd – June 21st)

The Gemini woman will be forever hungry for new experiences. Her imagination is fertile, her curiosity insatiable, and her child-like wonder infectious. Time spent with her is never dull. Ekaterina will charm you with stories of things she has seen and done. She is a natural in just about any social situation and is likely to have a seemingly enormous circle of friends and acquaintances.

The one thing a Gemini woman cannot tolerate is boredom. Ekaterina thrives on change, excitement and surprises, so if you want to be with her, you must never be too predictable. Thankfully, she doesn’t have a materialistic bone in her body, so when it comes to gifts, it will always be the thought behind them that matters to her.

Because of her need for never-ending stimulation, a Gemini woman will always be up for something unexpected in the bedroom. She will never be uncomfortable discussing even the most intimate topics, and in fact, lively sexual conversation is likely to turn her on even more. Again, the caution here is that you must continually mix things up to keep her happy. Too much of any thing, even a very good thing, is never going to satisfy this woman. Contact Ekaterina from Kiev using services.
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