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Ukrainian single Daria from Kharkiv, Ukraine personal profile

Member's ID52384
Zodiac signVirgo
Birthday15 Sep 1992
Height5' 7'' (1.70m)
Weight125 Lbs (57 kg)
Hair colorDark Blonde
Eye colorBlue
OccupationBusiness Owner
Marital statusDivorced
English spokenfluent
Childrendaughter, 8 y.o.
Plans childrenYes
ResidenceKharkiv, Ukraine


Indeed, there are many different things that interest me. I like to discover new places, travel, art is my weakness, I like to draw, listen to music, dance is a special passion of my life. Sports, riding horses, cycling, decorating my home, creating new things, spending time with my family. I like to cook delicious food, I love small experiments. :) I like to spend time doing something useful, but I confess that sometimes I really want to spend the day on the couch and watch movies or listen to music, eat pizza and drink cola. :) I think that you understand me! :) In general, I am for a healthy lifestyle but I also have "weaknesses".

My personality

My goal now is to tell you a little about myself. I am kind, very sociable, gentle and loyal. I am full of understanding and always ready to help. When I was a child, I dreamed to become a confectioner! I loved sweets but my mother wouldn`t let me eat a lot of them! She always claimed that they would hurt my teeth. So I thought that I would become a confectioner and eat as much sweet as I want! Now it`s very funny to remember this. :) But, there is something in life that is sweeter than sweets and more useful for sure. Guess what it is? This is related to my work and my hobby!) I am sure that I have chosen the most interesting job in the world! It freed me from any judgment and forced me to accept any form of human happiness. People are so different! And what is good for one may be poison for another. For me, happiness is very simple! And the older I get, the easier it seems to me. Now I know that there is no need to complicate anything! You need to find and feel happiness in simple things! I think it`s nice to grow wiser over the years and realize so many things in your life, feel them differently. Life is wonderful.

I'm looking for

All my life I dreamed of finding a man who would win my heart, become my husband, partner, best friend, lover and my soul. I am looking for a true man who will be able to make his choice for life, who will respect me as his choice, and not cheat on me behind my back. I really appreciate a man`s ability to care and of course be able to keep his word. If a man is nice to me, but aggressive with his relatives or people around him - this will bother me in the first place and make me wonder if this man is sincere with me. I want my man to be real, and not pretend to be better than he really is. I will not accept lies and pretense! I expect him to respect me and my point of view. I hope he will not try to change me, break or humiliate me. A sense of humor is a nice bonus as I like to laugh. :)

Horoscope of Daria from Kharkiv, Ukraine

Daria is Virgo (August 24th – September 23rd)

The Virgo woman is shy and modest. To call her prudish is unfair; she is just guarded. She tends to blush easily and beautifully. The Virgo woman will never do anything that will cause you to think badly of her. Daria is well-mannered, delicate in her speech, and submissive in her thoughts.

Her living space will be immaculate. Disorder makes her uncomfortable, and she is not at all afraid of hard-work. Daria is a born care-taker and wonderful with children, whether they be her own or someone else’s. She does not care for conflict, and will likely yield to any reasonable request made of her.

Because she will never wear her heart on her sleeve or ask for what she wants, it is crucial to her happiness that she has an attentive lover. She does enjoy sex even if she doesn’t always know how to make it known. An attention to detail is critical when making love to the Virgo woman, as she tends to be subdued in passionate situations. Contact Daria from Kharkiv, Ukraine using services.
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