Ukrainian single Viktoriya from Odessa personal profile

Member's ID53483
Zodiac signGemini
Birthday26 May 1992
Height5' 7'' (1.70m)
Weight108 Lbs (49 kg)
Hair colorBlond
Eye colorBlue
Marital statusSingle
English spokenfair
Plans childrenUndecided


Cars, cooking, dancing, fashion, travelling.

My personality

Do you know what I dreamed about as a child? I dreamed of flying into space and touching the star. I dreamed of finding a cure for a non-existent disease. I dreamed of learning Spanish, Chinese, Hungarian, Italian, Romanian and French. I wanted to start playing the violin and organ. To paint like Rembrandt van Rijn and sing like Nina Simon. Save all stray animals and help all poor people. But years have passed. I grew up and my dreams changed. I realized that very different things can make me happy. To say what exactly? Wake up from your sweet kiss and the words "Good morning, my love." To cook your favourite breakfast in beautiful underwear for you. Hug you at night. Travel and conquer new horizons together. Shares thoughts and desires with each other. Be honest and be sincere. Be passionate and be gentle. I believe that a woman was born in order to love and be loved. To give smiles, care, love, positive emotions. Inspire, be a muse. But only for one, my beloved man. Are you ready?

I'm looking for

I am looking for a real king, for whom I will become a queen. Confident, strong. He always knows what he wants and achieves his goals. And I will always inspire my king for exploits. It is just as important for me that my man be kind and generous. Filled with life wisdom and experience. At the same time with a good sense of humor and optimism. Live every second happily. Drink wine together after a hard day. Sunbathe on the beach holding hands. Oh, I`m even ready to let my man distract and tease me while cooking, haha. Barbecue with friends and a romantic dinner for two. I want us to do our every day filled with romance and care.

Horoscope of Viktoriya from Odessa

Viktoriya is Gemini (May 22nd – June 21st)

The Gemini woman will be forever hungry for new experiences. Her imagination is fertile, her curiosity insatiable, and her child-like wonder infectious. Time spent with her is never dull. Viktoriya will charm you with stories of things she has seen and done. She is a natural in just about any social situation and is likely to have a seemingly enormous circle of friends and acquaintances.

The one thing a Gemini woman cannot tolerate is boredom. Viktoriya thrives on change, excitement and surprises, so if you want to be with her, you must never be too predictable. Thankfully, she doesn’t have a materialistic bone in her body, so when it comes to gifts, it will always be the thought behind them that matters to her.

Because of her need for never-ending stimulation, a Gemini woman will always be up for something unexpected in the bedroom. She will never be uncomfortable discussing even the most intimate topics, and in fact, lively sexual conversation is likely to turn her on even more. Again, the caution here is that you must continually mix things up to keep her happy. Too much of any thing, even a very good thing, is never going to satisfy this woman. Contact Viktoriya from Odessa using services.
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