Latin single Daiyoli from Bogotá personal profile

Member's ID54574
Zodiac signScorpio
Birthday13 Nov 1981
Height5' 5'' (1.65m)
Weight141 Lbs (64 kg)
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBlack
OccupationFitness instructor
Marital statusSingle
English spokengood
Plans childrenYes


I am passionate about sports, I love cooking, I enjoy going to the movies and the best of all is sharing those moments with my family. Sweets are my absolute weakness and I spend a lot of time training.

My personality

Active and energetic, a lover of sweets, honest and lovely.

I'm looking for

It would be someone with a smile that lights up the room, curious and bright eyes that reflect energy and passion. A self-confident, sporty and active man, with that perfect combination of determination and fun. I imagine he would like someone with a relaxed style but with a distinctive touch that shows off his unique personality.

Daiyoli's Interview

My favorite music:
My favorite movie:
Spirited Away
My favorite sport:
I enjoy swimming, immersing myself in the water gives me a unique feeling of freedom.
My favorite flower:
Orchids have a mysterious charm that always fascinates me.
My favorite season:
Spring, with its rebirth of nature and the explosion of colors.
My favorite color:
Green, especially darker shades, evoke calm and connection with nature.
My favorite fruit:
Fresh strawberries
My favorite holiday:
Most of all I like...
To lose myself in creativity, whether through art, writing or music.
Most of all I dislike...
The lack of empathy and compassion in today's society.
I would like to go to...
Slandia, with its surreal landscapes and its connection with nature.
I dream about...
Having the opportunity to positively impact the lives of others on a large scale.
What animal do I associate myself with?
Perhaps with a lone wolf, I enjoy independence and introspection.
In childhood I dreamed of becoming...
Archaeologist, the desire to discover hidden treasures has always attracted me.
My friends and relatives call me...
The most unforgettable present I ever got:
A photo album full of unforgettable memories and special moments.
The best place I've already been to...
A small town on the coast of Portugal, where time seemed to stop.
What I would like to change in myself?
I wish I had a better ability to manage stress in tense situations.
Are you an early riser or a night owl?
Definitely an owl, I identify with its nocturnal rhythm and reflective approach.

Horoscope of Daiyoli from Bogotá

Daiyoli is Scorpio (October 24th – November 22nd)

The Scorpio woman is intense and mysterious. From the first moment you lay eyes on her, you won’t be able to get her out of your mind. Daiyoli surrounds herself with secrecy and seriousness. Getting to know the Scorpio woman is a challenge all on its own – she will be impervious to your jokes, and will avoid answering any questions that she doesn’t feel are important. Of course, none of this will deter the ardent admirer, and he will certainly be rewarded for his tenacity.

Because the Scorpio woman, once Daiyoli is persuaded to open up to you, is an amazing companion. She is hard-working, dedicated, and tireless when trying to achieve any goal, be it yours or her own. In short, she is unstoppable, always has her eye on the prize, and will take you with her to all the wonderful places she is sure she will go.

As if that weren’t enough, she is also very likely to be a skilled lover. She is attentive and curious, and will want to explore every possible variant on the experience. Nothing is taboo as far as she is concerned. And, like everything else in her life, she will do whatever it takes to bring pleasure to both herself and her partner. Contact Daiyoli from Bogotá using services.
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