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Zodiac signLeo
Birthday26 Jul 1981
Height5' 3'' (1.60m)
Weight147 Lbs (67 kg)
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBlack
Marital statusSingle
English spokenfluent
Childrenson, 15 y.o.
Plans childrenNo


I am an adventure seeker, lover of dining out and passionate about sports. My passion for cooking rivals my weakness for chocolate ice cream. At the movies, I enjoy everything from the excitement of action films to the sweetness of romantic ones.

My personality

kindness, fun, helpful, honest.

I'm looking for

If I could visualize my ideal partner, it would be someone with a genuine and warm smile, who conveys trust and empathy. I would love him to be active and have contagious energy, someone who is comfortable at both an elegant dinner and an outdoor adventure. A touch of spontaneity and kindness in his personality would be great.

Maria's Interview

My favorite music:
I immerse myself in classical music and opera.
My favorite movie:
The Grand Budapest Hotel
My favorite sport:
I really enjoy cycling, I love exploring new landscapes by pedaling.
My favorite flower:
Orchids with their exotic shapes and elegance have always surprised me.
My favorite season:
Summer, with its vibrant energy and the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.
My favorite color:
Violet, for its mystery and its connection with spirituality.
My favorite fruit:
Ripe mangoes, their tropical flavor is a delight for the palate.
My favorite holiday:
I enjoy quiet gatherings around a campfire, sharing stories and special moments.
Most of all I like...
Immerse myself in creativity through painting and writing, exploring new perspectives.
Most of all I dislike...
The lack of empathy and injustice in the world.
I would like to go to...
Vietnam, with its rich culture and captivating landscapes.
I dream about...
Having the opportunity to inspire and motivate others through art and creativity.
What animal do I associate myself with?
Maybe with a fox. I value cunning and curiosity.
In childhood I dreamed of becoming...
Painter, I was always attracted to the idea of creating beauty.
My friends and relatives call me...
The most unforgettable present I ever got:
A toolbox of art, which has accompanied me on my creative journey.
The best place I've already been to...
A small corner in the mountains of Scotland, where peace and serenity reign.
What I would like to change in myself?
I would like to be more assertive when expressing my ideas and opinions.
Are you an early riser or a night owl?

Horoscope of Maria from Bogotá

Maria is Leo (July 24th – August 23rd)

The Leo woman loves to be the center of attention, and she often is due to a knack to know just what to do in any given situation. Maria is an amazing hostess who will rise to any occasion to entertain. Her manners are always beyond reproach. She is extroverted and tends to be an excellent conversationalist. She makes friends wherever she goes, but keeps very few people close.

Maria expects to always be treated like the queen of her castle, and has such a regal bearing that doing so is never a hardship. She is strong and very future-oriented. No sacrifice is too great to make in the moment if it will bring her happiness down the road. She never goes back on her word, and she never lets down the people she cares most about.

The Leo woman will always be attractive and well-groomed. She will be alluring even when she does nothing at all. But she will never be simple to seduce. Maria is confident in her own worth, and will require much effort on your part before she succumbs. But when she finally does, it will be all that much sweeter for the time spent in anticipation. Contact Maria from Bogotá using services.
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