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Member's ID55409
Zodiac signLeo
Birthday18 Aug 1999
Height5' 4'' (1.62m)
Weight123 Lbs (56 kg)
Hair colorBlond
Eye colorBrown
Marital statusSingle
English spokenfluent
ReligionBelief in God
Plans childrenUndecided


I immerse myself in books, greedily absorbing knowledge like a sponge. But it`s not only books that occupy my time. I am an avid seamstress and my sewing machine sings the sweet melody of creativity to me. I create clothes that are a reflection of my style and character. At the moment I am focusing on creating women`s swimwear. I study every curve and line of the female body to highlight its beauty and grace. I`m studying to become a designer, honing my skills and developing my unique style. My ambitions are high and I am determined to achieve my goals. I will continue to create beautiful and inspiring clothes that will delight and inspire others.

My personality

My heart burns with the fire of Venezuela, but beneath my hot blood lies a tender and fragile soul. I am a daughter of this beautiful land, but an ocean of passion and poetry flows in my veins. My thoughts are poems, unspoken and exciting. I observe the world with a keen eye, but my soul trembles when I encounter injustice and pain. I am an artist in my dreams, but in reality I remain shy and indecisive. I am like a flower blooming in tropical conditions. I am bright and attractive, but my delicate petals are easily vulnerable. I crave love and acceptance, but I fear rejection that could break my fragile heart. I am the daughter of Venezuela, wild and gentle at the same time. I am a passionate flower in the lush garden of life. And although my spirit is vulnerable, my love and determination know no bounds.

I'm looking for

I came here with a heart full of hope and longing. I long to find a man who will share the journey of life with me, someone who will make my heart beat faster and my soul soar. I crave passionate and tender love, the kind that makes the world fade around me. I dream of a person who will be my best friend, lover and ally. I want to laugh with him, cry with him, share my dreams and fears. I believe that he is out there somewhere, waiting for me as much as I am for him. And when we meet, it will be like two puzzles that finally fit together. Our love will be bright like a summer sunset and tender like the touch of a rose petal. I came here with an open heart and the belief that anything is possible. I believe that I will find the man of my dreams on this site and that together we will create a love story worthy of novels.

Horoscope of Rocio Thais from Acarigua

Rocio Thais is Leo (July 24th August 23rd)

The Leo woman loves to be the center of attention, and she often is due to a knack to know just what to do in any given situation. Rocio Thais is an amazing hostess who will rise to any occasion to entertain. Her manners are always beyond reproach. She is extroverted and tends to be an excellent conversationalist. She makes friends wherever she goes, but keeps very few people close.

Rocio Thais expects to always be treated like the queen of her castle, and has such a regal bearing that doing so is never a hardship. She is strong and very future-oriented. No sacrifice is too great to make in the moment if it will bring her happiness down the road. She never goes back on her word, and she never lets down the people she cares most about.

The Leo woman will always be attractive and well-groomed. She will be alluring even when she does nothing at all. But she will never be simple to seduce. Rocio Thais is confident in her own worth, and will require much effort on your part before she succumbs. But when she finally does, it will be all that much sweeter for the time spent in anticipation. Contact Rocio Thais from Acarigua using services.
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