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I love dancing, travelling, communicating, learning foreign languages.


I always keep my word. I`m honest, kind. I`m a very decent, very open, direct and genuine person.

Ekaterina is searching for:

I`m looking for a kind, decent, honest, generous man. I don’t care about his age. I prefer experienced men with a positive and wise attitude to life.

Horoscope of Ekaterina from Kiev, Ukraine

Ekaterina was born under the sign of Gemini

The Gemini female is fun to be around. She is the symbol of a modern, intelligent woman. She possesses first-rate mental capabilities and has a light touch.

Women born under the sign of Gemini enjoy social interaction and are most often the life of the party. They are easy to approach and are very outgoing and friendly. They are almost always looked upon favorably by others and though the Aries woman always views the world in a unique way, she does not try to push her opinions on others.

As a partner, the Gemini woman is always exciting and makes and ideal career wife. Ekaterina demonstrates her affection for others and is impulsive. She is fun loving and generous in displays of her love. She is considerate of others and always takes their feelings into consideration. She is always there to lend a helping hand.

The Gemini woman tends to work hard to achieve her goals. Ekaterina is lovable, provocative, charming and witty. They symbol of the twins express this woman’s desire to become complete by finding her other half – namely her soul mate.

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