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I like going in for sports, swimming, skating, skiing. In my spare time I enjoy reading books, communication with my friends. I like traveling very much too.


I am a charming, educated and interesting lady. They say that I am honest, open and purposeful. I have a good job and many hobbies.

Tatiana is searching for:

I`m looking for a man who is serious, caring, reliable and honest. I dream to meet a man next to whom I will be eager to be myself.

Horoscope of Tatiana from Khmelnitsky, Ukraine

Tatiana was born under the sign of Scorpio

The Scorpio female is very affectionate and sometimes emotional. Tatiana seldom flirts and is not up for a one-night stand. She wants a partner who is completely faithful to her and she is not willing to share him. She has a rigid view of right and wrong and expects her partner to love her only.

A Scorpio woman is fascinating irresistible and marvelous. She is exciting in the bedroom and carries an aura of intrigue and mystery. She can send her partner soaring to the heights of love and happiness.

The woman who is born under the sign of Scorpio expects her partner to love and respect her without fault. There is no negotiation or compromise in this area. Tatiana, as a Scorpio female desires a union that is totally committed. A casual relationship is not something that interests her once she’s made the decision that this is the partner she wishes to spend her life with.

A Scorpio female is faithful and loyal to the mate she chooses. There is no fiercer ally that a husband or partner could have. If necessary, she will lie down her life in her mate’s defense. A man who chooses a Scorpio female, as his partner will be ultimately happy in the relationship if he is affectionate, loyal, respectful, faithful and loves her with all of his heart and soul.

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