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Modeling, reading, dancing, spending time with family.


I have my own point of view on a relationship. I want it to be based on love and respect. Another important thing is an ability to listen to your partner and to be honest with each other, to be open to new things in life. I am a very kind person, open-minded and sincere. I value harmony and balance in everything - from simple things to the most complicated. I believe that beauty will save the world but every beautiful woman needs a strong man to protect her from the world.

Victoria is searching for:

I just need a normal man. If I am respected, appreciated and understood – it`s a great complement to love. All other things – are just nuances...

Horoscope of Victoria from Simferopol, Russia

Victoria was born under the sign of Taurus

The Taurus female is ruled by the Goddess of Love, Venus. She has the ability to make men feel great about themselves from the minute they meet her. Victoria loves to be wined and dined, but also enjoys playing hostess, a job that she accomplishes with perfection. She is an excellent housekeeper and knows exactly how to decorate an elegant home. She learns quickly and is always an asset to the man in her life. Victoria loves her partner unconditionally and to the very depths of her being.

Aries women are frugal and thrifty. She is careful with finances and doesn’t indulge in spending sprees. Her prime directive in life is to have only one lasting union. From childhood, she focuses on finding her one true love. She is totally loyal to her partner and expects fidelity from him. Victoria seeks security and stability in any relationships and trusts her own instincts.

The Taurus woman has what it takes to succeed and is easy going and charming. She is easy to get to know and the opposite sex is automatically drawn to her. She is a homebody, but when she does go out on the town, she is dressed and coifed to perfection.

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