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Travelling is one of my hobbies. I have visited many countries, from China to Spain. I enjoy reading psychological books! I love cooking, embroidering, learning English. I like to sing. I love being outdoors.


I love and value my life and people around me. My life motto is ‘If you want to be happy, just be happy". I am an active person and I like to move forward and learn something new. I am a kind, loving, sincere and generous woman.

Juliya is searching for:

I need someone who is confident, responsible and positive. I would love to travel with my beloved man, to learn something new from him, to respect and value each other and just to be happy together.

Horoscope of Juliya from Khmelnitskyi, Ukraine

Juliya was born under the sign of Cancer

The Cancer female possesses the ability to make a man feel like he is ten feet tall from the moment they are introduced. Juliya is very feminine in her mannerisms and posture and is more seductive than any other female of the zodiac. However, this is an unconscious trait and is never planned.

The moon rules the Cancer female and her moods change with its phases. Juliya is extremely sensitive and proud. Her maternal instincts are highly developed. She makes a devoted wife and a great mother. She has no trouble demonstrating affection to those she loves. She will create a home that is attractive and artistic and is an excellent housekeeper, though she will often rearrange the furniture because of her need for change and making her home as attractive as possible.

The Cancer female has great talent in drama and music and often tends to have literary interests. She has a charming personality and often chooses a partner that is her senior. She is talkative, cheerful, friendly and outgoing, but likes the man in her life to be her anchor and to have extremely masculine traits while treating her with love, respect and compassion.

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